Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Jawbone and the antidote / Sugar Bessie – Ma Reynard – queen of foxes / this dumb kingdom / ok boys, let’s take those leather hats off shall we.. / hung out with gay vampire, overweight werewolf and kinky Dracula /I was so angry with my girlfriend for wiping my cassette copy of ‘Euroman Cometh’ / stuck in a driveway movie theatre/ my father collected empty coffee cans which he filled with small dead animals / small children wearing chimpanzee masks which they got from the zoo last Christmas are locked in the salt u know who has the key? / Egyptian Christmas (feeding newborns to my son-in-law’s new pet snake) / tonight I’m gonna touch the sacred onion./thank god you’re sitting uncomfortably (thank the lord for uncomfortable chairs) /everyday I thank Ja for this sweet sweet black milk / I filled my flat with uncomfortable chairs and furniture with really sharp edges/Egyptian curtains / Egyptian circus / wore your hospital frock to the hospital night-club / camel hair on my toes / drugged echo / children all happy and smiley in the biscuit factory/a guilty look from the fragrant baby / flagrant children will be locked into boxes in an effort to preserve their nice smell/stuffed full of Mormon memories (yawning at the cage fight) / Bleeding Tom Mills regrets he cannot come to the King’s Lynn Beer Festival this year (as he is sorting out his Egyptian folk music cassettes) / big bag of hungry rats / I dipped my ballbag into the healing slime pit to ameliorate the angry rash / secret scat market (blues) /leather-clad fingers all over my girlfriend’s breast aand naval area / /preparing myself for he daily onion/ I got the unwashed gypsy haircut / offended by the lack of a decent war/bleeping and burping in this god-damned century/ I cancelled the cheque for 450 Euros and then popped a half-smoked cigarette into the human doll’s gaping mouth

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