Thursday, 18 July 2013

Parasite Blues


'Parasite Blues'

'ASpple A>C>ID'

'Working Title: Shoes Are Removed (In Kensington - PG-13)'

'Reformed (Today)'

the child took off his mask so that the school master could enjoy his beaming smile  /why are all children blonde? / abortions smell nice / maybe I will be a black-hearted gypsy by next weekend (carnival craze) / edacious baby / the king of Ex-France/ dancing with Lord Jerold (defy the amicus) / tasteful nosejob / man with circular jaw / joy of clown fur / sexy villagers / are clowns really  half the size of real men? / hot nostrils / my marooned baby / game old people thinking about the stars etc./ why are gorillas always grumpy? / Trafalgar Square Cassette Club (the soloist wooed) / why don’t you quit dancing?/ Rasta in the butcher shop / we spent most of Thursday afternoon browsing around the butcher shops / twisted face of Jade Yates

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