Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Maureen Rain Water

'Save the Whole World'

'Pistols and Carrots'

'Make Way for a Lady'

'The All-New Adult Circuit'

'Maureen Rain Water'
 Bernie’s torpor ./ punched in the stomach in Paris, Texas / I was only locking for some sheep jelly / took me a ride on Elizabeth Taylor’s furry helicopter / scratchy jazz hospital / modern love fest / bachelor’s treasures / makeshift armistice (rotten toes) / indulging in other people’s abandoned fantasies / can I cream you now? / inside the mind of a bachelor /  scarecrows on Xmas day (muffle clutch) / stinking muff / abandoned the muff ship / the day David realised that radiation was not his friend / radio ghost / Christmas without a microphone / we took the evangelist’s microphone away / bubble trump / I hate madras / peach melanoma/ I serve God, and no one else (except my girlfriend) / an honourable confrontation / admiring the Mussulman’s triumphant teeth / alphabet grease / egg yolk breath girl / the gorgeous bones / siamitic songstress / Playstation tears / I have always had a penchant for gentlemen in camel hair coats / my garlic good breath / Kentucky Fried Chicken employees tend to have greasy elbows / mutton chopper / ripped in the A etc. / ten items recovered from the abandoned train tracks.1.used dildo 2. a paperback bible with several pages torn out (perhaps sued by a hobo to wipe his arse) 3. an empty cigarette packet 4. a silver pickled onion jar (the onions were silver, not the jar) with no onions in it 5. a soiled porno magazine 6. a baby’s umbilical chord (detached from baby) 7. a hand-carved giraffe (with one leg missing) 8. seven playing cards with nude ladies on the back 9. half of a wish bone 10. a hand gun with one bullet in the chamber  / memory of wooden giraffe toy / view from the ice station / I wept tears into a blood bucket and span the Van Morrison LP for the 3rd time in a row / drunk at the children’s piano (T Waits 3rd poem) / gorilla loose small change / Saturday in the sky (with flying fiox) / loafing around the dungeon / buttered mattress / verbose landlord (ain’t they all?) / drunk in the sin chamber / slinging bones into a neighbour’s paddling pool /winking at the sky demons /  Van Morrison Monday / my fanny gets all itchy when I think about summer / he claims to own the preserved umbilical chord of the Baby Jesus / getting a blowy from a French pop singer / Caribbean dandruff / Jandek 13 / I stole one of my girlfriend’s pens today / Scottish tears /I sorted out my girlfriend’s pens (I put red on one side of the table and blue on the other side)  /Lord of the Delta (my father began reciting the  poetry he salvaged from his broken-down computer) /  laptop dog / modern teeth / having sex with an evangelist’s daughter  /cordless orchestra / would you like to view my dried excrement collection? / ground-down by 6am (dodge code) / paid 60 bucks to see the Black-Eyed Owls/ junior dungeon / 10 pence meds / stranded bastard / modern tears / ton pages from a pseudo bible / the pile of elliptical handwritten notes gave us no idea to the teenager’s whereabouts / cloaked killers / shaved teeth + snake skin body warmer / need to leave the cold-hearts / Christian baguette / don’t forget to run your head off / Trevor is in the river washing the scum off his feet / diamond death / hi above the beach flowers/ I floundered ‘till daybreak / took my mother to the mildly-erotic cabaret / cabaret bone / rogare away/tried, in vain, to convince myself that my new girlfriend isn’t ugly / elegant stubble / trailing a youth around the forest / scaled-down teeth / scared of teeth / the newcomer was surprised by the  of dominance of tiny women / garlic evasion / we were forced to tear pages from the bible to stuff into the cavity / my purple turd / jazz spastic / swimming in God’s private pool / when we were kids there was no more exciting sound than the ringing of the candy wagon bell / perfume me, killer / ring of demons / memorable bumming / the weeping cement / ‘Pig Knuckle over Moscow’ / 

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