Thursday, 18 July 2013

P: Cong Years

'P: Cong Years'

'Sweetness + Light'

'WCT - Depressed in the Supermarket'

'Arab House Rules'

'Poor House Rules'

'Tree House AM'

'Girt Revert'

'Kollage 1'

society is fleshless, these days (summer) / men that speak in a susurrant voice install more fear in the kids / Charlie always faints on Monday / does the biscuit have a pulse?? / we sucked a nipple for breakfast / the blind James Bond / the girl with a face where her head should be / cats will be dogs and other bent tales  /training horses to trot backwards / teaching horses to talk backwards  I live for grease / I am greasy number 2backwards poetry club / -smiles at the school master midway through lesson / hot greasy baby about town / adventures of a toilet t***** / we really shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to unmask the devil / yes, George it is 1998 (here comes vinegar fingers) / smiles like a spastic / I regret selling ’20 jazz funk greats’ to my drug-addled flat mate  sick sugar / pangs of rebirth / I would like to apologise for my lack of fish bones /wedding day rash/ courageous still born / Big Daddy Still Born /greasy carapace - this is how they should be / chess set cat

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