Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Classic Sega Master System Games - Just What u Always Wanted

'Elephant Man - The Mega Cartridge'

'Midget Wrestling - The Mega Cartridge'

Sega Master System box art is reproduced without the permission of 'Sega'

l) The future collapsed into one moment and was eaten and then excreted! / the various patterns that appear in your mind in-between the stud daddy TV shows (TV shoes) / unwholesome bones/whispering through the window / extirpate whatever life is left in the dying witch / spirit of Princess Diana! (I!)Children of Arthur Daley / I am possessed by the spirit of Black Bachelor / we conducted a lengthy paean to the recently deceased prized fighters / bags of elephant skulls / funny Monday (furry Monday) /undefined logic chapter 03 / sinister pick-me-up / self acknowledgement of extreme ugliness (worthless recluse) / foreign pipes /  I suddenly realised I had left my ‘The Paranoids’ cassettes on the back seat of the humming bus / legend of Sticky Beaver /worm box reunion / arrested fish /we mislaid the coffin lid, so we put cellophane over the top of it (to keep the corpse fresh)  taking a slash outside my mum’s spaceship / helicopter stuck in traffic / randy buffalo in my back garden / we sat and discussed his all-consuming ob3ssion with Southern junk / eyeball in your apache soup / free to breathe (Yoko Ono becomes the coffee hag..N.O.W. / Christian independence / casino baby / posh eyes of daddy’s favourite / the return of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy / relaxed smiles of the dead / learning how to use the bird / dating girls with man boobs / foreign octopus / horse candy / gumbo trump / people who live inside other people / a fragmentary smiled aimed at the sleeping children / Horace Chris (me am I alive on a Sunday) / some the are missing / are you (fairy cake) Jack Johnston? / turned on by the boxer’s crushed nose / deformity turns me on / X1 – an astronaut who didn’t know his alphabet (or anyone else’s) / Ian Fish Top – candy skin/ the chuck wagon made a half-decent makeshift ambulance / timeless ambulance / cuckoo juice AO juicy cuckoo / doctor’s sideburns / here comes the man they used to call Old Finger Bone (they now just refer to him as ‘Malcolm’ / lower me into the mud…I want to go home / pimp’s blister / gawk shaded / being naked in a cemetery / King Jazzy Bone is OYS / man’s tits / mobs turn me on but I am a straight ‘un / gentlemen’s relics / ambushed bachelor / applying lipstick to a dog doesn’t feel right / homecoming Queenie (16 foot) / dog in the hospital / my fragrant toe nails / sweet weasel / Lady GaGa likes  a good bargain /   / Rash Shave / Lady GaGa’s false foot / Edith Crunch / addicted to the fist / yes, this sure is genuine Bulgarian leather / cleaning my teeth in preparation for the first bell of the day / the sound of the bell informed us it was time to swap our galoshes for heavy leather boots / we discovered the casket but it contained no cadaver, just sketching pictures of curly-haired people in Trafalgar Square /  celestial ingestion / square supper / gulped down by an edacious beast/smugglin' a corpse thru Heathrow Airport / wet dreams at 58 / my father was notorious because of his love of  walking around town in a crown of feathers 

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