Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I'm Such a Cunt

'I'm Such a Cunt'

'Hailing a Taxi in Peru (Nightly)'

Wading through filth on Christmas morning / king of the night after/    Thoroughly deformed / deformed kittens / me and my ersatz girlfriend /assaulted meat / meet me.. I am your lover now/  sex with brothers of strangers / alphabet teeth / lemming aid (DVD stuck down back of sofa) /vintage goblin / Hoodoo on the Moon / /question 1:- ‘who is the god of felt tips?’ / Anthony’s teeth  / took a blind man to see the new Charlie Chaplin picture / dance of the headless square-tooth butter-eating American Adults ™ / Kid Speciality doing his ‘ting’ /come see the shapeless head of the deformed janitor / lucky effigies of the blue baby of McDonald Street / sugar on my ball sack / I put on my Cubist Jazz LP and made myself a cream pie / hospital beak /took my Japanese chicken to hear the sinfona / rubbish bag baby /  I filled the bucket with the orphan’s used tear drops / getting in bed with the neighbours/we put the bones in the microwave to warm ‘em up / I love a French hand shake / Saturday teeth (do I love you??) / your kids in neighbouring gardens /  office fanny  /specialised puff /emu’s royal memories / bland Umbro man stands at fruit machine all thru da nite /  beagle’s ancient naked dog /impish traffic kiss my foot / imagining naked girls/  pie imagination series seven /honky eating acid /directives ignored /labia fermenting labia stepping from surreal train /sick  dungarees/ oblong gums  /jazz attraction /cock killer/ nubile grandma/ ancient ismith/ sugar-coated mouth /terrific imp/ huge ugly naked girls/ lying yob/ boner on naked egg / Moroccan kidney beans / Captain  in the bath / eating salad with the self-styled king of burghers / New cat Face from Hell or thereabouts / fashionable nag hag/bastard in the lounge / I fell asleep with one hand on my pony’s severed head / dog salad / cast skin operetta / salad-dodging dogs/gorgeous re-entry / Congolese dogs make me feel happy (they always seem to be smiling, don’t they) / Congolese gentry /dead and proud / Dracula was my first ever lover (by proxy) /  I’m attracted to anorexic lads / sugar-coated fish eyebrows / all she had in her possession were 3 African road maps and a set of false dog teeth / the shape of death was kind of hexagonal / my captain, my lover/Congolese re-entry / Congolese space men /they don’t make Congolese dogs like they used to / blind man medicine cupboard /  men wearing Shakespearean ear rings / I just bore witness to the sight of three African men trying to fit a car into a helicopter / burnt my fingers on the toaster / African bachelor / teddy bear spunk / new sizeable girlfriend / fish in my dish (you knows I don’t eat fish, momma)/doubled up on the back seat of the Hootchy Cootchy bus / French eyeballs / (the) giraffe is the most nervous animal in the kingdom / kingdom of backwards-speaking anorexic lads / chin like Superman / Chinese Batman /tasting notes were rather misleading (this does not taste like burnt woodpecker) / ginger people kept in the background / Christmas bones / that funny little clown that made my son-in-law cry / ginger pornography/shaving day / erm.. shire horse in marble? / the heroic bones/  we got to let you go..we can’t afford to feed you no more / sensational sexual positions / a short, yet enlightening, history of space maps /dogs point out way to Bone Island (‘but don’t eat all da bones, mister’)//  hootchy cootchy momma gonna make you change your mind (in no time) / big blue box on the moon/tiger jelly / inside the mind of a dead horse / 19-yar old baby has aged well /the  sinister middle / nobody’s gonna smoke your bones for you/‘Echo of the Phantom’ is an excellent title for your new adult movie, Simon / Simon Jones ate me self up/secondary Jesus / the day the sun fell outta da sky/Death Row babes / all giraffes look nervous, to me / sidecar baby/transported to Death Row on the back of a giant goose / the giant goose turtle came to stay / Snoop Lion taught me most everything I know/World War 3 poetry club / I itched and itched ‘till I could feel myself waking up again / trampling dirt and mud into the Turin Shroud / God shouldered the blame / everything glorious is far away / ‘take me to the sea’ she said (she had never seen the sea before)/are fish ticklish? / grandma’s ruin/morbid dogs / ticklish fish / coma kid is back to stay / perhaps we should get a more modern haircut, mother? (bowl cuts are so 1998) / took my bitch to see the new Spanish monster movie / Padfero focusing his bleary eyes at the moon and wondering how far away it could be  /wolf in the back of the van (snacking on moon pie) / I refused to make love to the Iron Giant Lady Giant / sucking on then breast of Cow God / pulling on  your ding dong in the back of the van / thank you Paynim at my front door / I got the chubby foot blues/ you will find me down at the bottom of the streets with the ragamuffins / shag me, silly (root dog memoirs vol. 03) / cattle drum /I think I just swallowed some of my teeth/ sorting through the relics of yesterday / I never learned to milk a cow properly/ wrap it up in ragweed and take it to the doctor / indoor dentist / put down your joy stick and come join the infanta / king of the night before / why does my 6 year old son support Crotia Zagreb?

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