Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sagridas Familias

 girls of Strangemouth are playing flutes made of human body parts / pie allowance fund /extra-canonical bastards/ mooning at the priesthood/ king of Ping Pong / may I borrow your ‘concise history of Lithuanian amateur wrestling’? / beautiful deformity / kids who take baby apes with them wherever they go / black flower music / the man who decided to change his mind for the 5th time that week / I had a pizza lunch with the netball team captain / rural muscle / his master’s vice / romantic stoner / men who wear velvet gloves at home should not be allowed to teach P.E. to teenagers / teenaged spaceman / Chinese playgroup / year of the Spaceman / the blind dentist /men who live behind mountains / modern corpse / / Asian swan song / I’ve always preferred Garage Garbage to latent Flower Power /  deformed at the breakfast table / fake nostrils / we shot down the helicopter that woke up our baby /Outr√© baby / is it still illegal to pretend to be Prince? /  men who wear velvet gloves are not to be trusted / Chinese honeymoon / King Pingu taught me to speak like this / I never should have released ‘Biscuit’s Revenge’ cassette / sniffing round the graveyard / gorgeous trucker / breast like grapefruits/ childish vegan / childish platform boots / kick you into bed/I can’t believe they have brought out perfumed toilet roll / Moomin tooth / he carried himself out of the house to see the eclipse / hello, dentist’s teeth /  I spent most of the morning attending to the hospitalised truckers / I always wanted to be a homosexual trucker / I swapped the bag of plastic nipples for some hand-written childish poetry / cup of bullbats / I placed my breasts on top of the old man’s head / careful with that poisoned candy / why do chavs always get their ankles tattooed? / my 86 year old tattooed grandma / I regretted wiping my ‘The Swans’ cassette, because turned out that I really loved them / I handed a ‘Keith Richards and the Duck Traffic’ cassette to my young nephew / foreign birds sitting around drinking soup from plastic cups / a jar of offal for the mendicant / Pandora’s vagina / I see a beautiful set of golden teeth / teeth on TV / lads in the swimming baths / cabaret flesh (butterfly bones)/ killer’s hairstyle / naked in the living room / we ran out of marmalade so used duck sperm instead / I am the man behind your curtains / Chinese p[people cannot grow moustaches / jazz in the heat wave / I was ordered to read the childish poem in extensor /  twitching on the back seat of the bus /  speedway teeth / I just recd a text message from King Bang  / desolation shoes  / who put a nail in the cracker? / as a punishment, we forced the children to fill the swimming pool up with a water pistol / I never did find my girlfriend’s bra and panties / summer chunk (chunky summer) / I can’t hear you when you speak in that Muffin the Mule-esque voice / Elmo’s  fireball of death / do the ambulance dance / Men called Katrina are beating me up / modern eruption / deliciously rump bottoms / classics Vol 03 (hung bat) – diamond offal / caged insects in space / apple jacket / Einstein pipes / cuddling a cabbage / who is the mind bender this week? / vegan graveyard / youthful carcass floating on a river of blood / timeless crocodile /illuminated children are giving out instructions to the confused adults / I sat on the donkey and looked out at a destroyed landscape /  I looked out of the window and saw a small brass effigy of a kitten being paraded around town by the local children/I think tank tops are really sexy / John Language and the Killers / modern teeth / piano saddle / I got gentleman’s relish all over the grand piano / spilt my albumen all over the jazz squid / I tried to avoid the sinister glare of the witch doctor / we made the soup with caterpillar bones and leftover frog spawn / dirty old druggy dragons / I need to go home and hug my android / sleeping with the witch / the respectable death of George the Lizard Man / angry finer nails / jazz mustard/ metal teeth (complete) / bastard in the bible /whistling at the moon wolfs / afraid to dip myself into the shark-infested swimming baths /hospitalised teeth / only your mother knows how long your beard can be 

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