Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Erudition 47 Vortex (Flee the Ice Age)

'Kids Like Me'

'Erudition 47 Vortex (Flee the Ice Age)'

dandruff legacy / Utopia death squad / an hour of sad stories set to jazz-rave music / you shallow-fired your baby / hunting for chubby people / ticklish orchestra conductor / Utopian bones / lessons learned in Utopia / street horse carry-out / boneless boogie / leftover dance positions / Bobby’s child / sucking on devil eggs / hello Chris, welcome to the fourth hour of sitar music / gone with the fart/ damaged imitation  / people who play video games need to spend more time with their families / greasy remains / we handed him a towel for him to mop his sweaty countenance / section b: waiting for Dumbo / I sometimes have sex / ghetto toes / the brains were in the garbage can / Irish face/ coconut whistle / yellow traffic / Hercules and me / biblical teeth / is VV acronym for Viscous Vortex? / damp hat / deathly legacy (food defer) / turtle box / box of cash for Daddy Rosh Youth / lung trumpet / it’s not every day you meet an incompetent bearded man / jewels of the death house / jewels of the torture chamber / ghosts of Xmas / relaxing with the arm wrestle / Chesney Jackson and the billion dollar babies /Mr Fudge and the Packers / NYC tough cookie in my cab / look what your Dutch uncle slipped into your lunch box / salt fingers on the newborn baby /  the jazz band that sold its soul to El Diablo  /Arab flower / Pingu legend of Pingu / / story x: the Earl of Leicester took out his pocket book and noted down the names of a hundred-odd girls he wanted to screw / screw diver sex ph / my uncle found a treasure box at the bottom of his it was a hand-signed vinyl copy of Ziggy Star Buster’s hit LP ‘Rocking with the space mods’ (part VI) / underground thumbs / French eyebrows/ what did you mean when you said you didn’t like my new teeth / dancing around with a missing finger / whip the devil’s arse / carefree teeth / pretty gorilla /  I smoked some cigarettes with Dawson Burgundy and then we went and found some girls to chat to / morning scum / telephone wrists / my girlfriend has fallen for a  shy yeti /insipid remission / dust off your bowler hat and come over here /  hobbies for zombies / rubber shoulders / I am the animal king / rubber relics of the 20th cent. / screwed by fortune and favour / cardboard orchestra / would you like to view  the underground bunker? /still leathered at 6.30am / join hands with gays and straights (New world) /  indiscreet love nest / compendium of terror / Vaseline Jackson

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