Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sega Master System - Trivia for Newborns


'Underground Without U'


'Kruger '77'

'Nat's Gypsy Park'

'My Little Baby'

'Sega Master System - Trivia for Newborns'

'Nanny Gilbert'

   I borrowed my granddad’s pipe to make me look a bit older / we entered the shark-infested ballroom / ball bag room / kittens with kidneys / a steak pie for every child under the age of 14 / the day the Silver Surfer got his hair cut / language pipe / psychic cathedral /  I crushed the frog with my left blakey / at this precise moment in time I am clutching a selection of ancient teeth in my right hand / Ethiopian bones (Drag City Queen) /Johnny Muck needs some eggs / badly-drawn egg /  dragged the deformed body of Chimp God (Zeus) around city centre / in 15th cent. France, it wasn’t considered rude to chop people’s heads off /Kenny Everett’s comedy was a little too aggressive for my tastes / horse with a good figure / do horses have fingers? / taste the burnt burger, momma / the sour flower / velvet dove hat / diamond tonsils /had lunch with a deformed cowboy / my granny never did learn to play the bongo drums /  /I wondered if everyone was aware of the the sinister undercurrent / umbrella kidney (beautiful bastard you) / I looked in my eyes and saw the devil himself / cat Scanner / Scanner and Rick and the waxwork whore / the Russian Beatles / his is perhaps the drabbest torture chamber I have ever been in / the boy with chequered eyeballs / careful with that frying pan, baby / barrier grief / my polyphagous monkey / Moomin shoes / like a Boglin, touched again and again / I made up my girl to look like a clown I fancied in a DVD i watched recently / shortcomings of a goblin / slags in the kitchen / my mum insists on decorating her house with old black and white photos of people she has slept with / Abraham Lincoln earned money ‘on the side’ by selling sea shells which he decorated with felt tips and glitter / children’s nostrils / this is my CCT stocking-filler Aboriginal count-down recital / I need to switch off my brain and go to sleep in a deserted swimming pool /griddled scorpion + fries/ I fired your beard /  we flew out the witch doctors , but not first class / I need to reset my teeth and make plans for the New Kids off the Block / ataraxic mass  murderer / I bought Kiev on E Bay / my main criticism of the movie was that it did not mention Abraham Lincoln’s extensive sea shell collection n/ ..but horses can’t draw / my legendary back-combed hairstyle / Pyramid Wednesday / the TV had no screen but we watched it anyway / Holy Sons and Grails / January skies / the group of hoof beats indicated we were nearly home / Lizzie’s  burden / makeshift hand gestures / amazing death of Rip Eye (Japan) /hammered the cramps..i got you in-between my teeth / munching on gravy /bandit roots (banned roots by Oz) / Oz functionality –perfume turtle / worried-looking walrus / faster than Pacman after several hundred power pills / hungry for pussy /modern haemorrhage / one in two people watch themselves on TV / Winkleman’s people / the dirtiest boy in Tokyo City / my girlfriend got chunky in 2009 / I plastered my life all over your living room / what you told me was true – (a modern guide to rat catching) / I filled my shoes with oil and women’s nectar /  there is a rumour going around that Pinocchio was actually made of plastic/ plastic children should not stand in the sun for too long / a taste for pussy / I whipped you into a frenzy the morning before the all-day acid test / message to test yourself on the day labourer (Peon Test) / your teeth don’t work anymore /i replaced your toes with something non-vegetarian /  humanistic harvest / corpse in the graveyard / a fading image of a dandy in yellow suit / whistling show tunes during the Croesus’s funeral /I wrapped my teeth in cellophane and left for Little Siberia / he stroked his moustache contemplatively and then decided to kiss the teenager whilst nobody was looking /  road rage on the way to the funeral / repeat ‘I am not Japanese’ / wolf whistling at the gorgeous funeral director / carefree pies / blushing ape / cake skin / bag of measles /the babushka waits patiently for Der Sensenmann / ancient fist glowing in the dark /  bag of 50 toe nails mixed- $10 each / I feared the furry cup for a long time, until I met you / I painted my bride’s toe nails with correction fluid / 93:- we all looked down into our laps and contemplated scrubbing the offensive graffiti off the toilet door / I brushed my bride under the carpet /painting a Christian’s toe nails white / bleeping through the opera (1988) / admiration factory / god in the heat wave /Spooky Moomin / it’s 1993 and Lassie has not come home yet / welcome to Arjen Robben Island / shortcoming of the geniuses brain  /my white husband / king is dead..rejoice rejoice (deceased Rex)/I’ll sit around here and eat flesh / this entry was deleted by Simon and or George / / / / I cannot tolerate cats who refuse to perform tricks for their milk / milky and murine / my stomach is beautifully toned but I cannot remove my top on the beach due to the myriad bigoted tattoos  I have /1. acid rash 2. acid gash / a concise history of bean bags and their owners / I cherish the memory of your false teeth / acid was handed out to all children between ages of 20-22 / and then I slipped down to Hades in 1983-84 / creamy peace / I am on a date with jack the Lass /everyone knows the devil is a crooner at heart / double foot benefit /  Iggy Pop never actually ate a monkey for breakfast / Jack Pansy EP – Flowers of Death (TLX) / lick your whore’s lips / lick my fingers..they are coated in sugar / our uncle sat eating tangerines whilst we hid away the drummer / hidden pipes (yeah yeah) / they told us we cannot take photos of the rainbow / slippery relic / Queen’s teeth 

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