Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ya Ya Berlin 10

'The Toss (12!)'

'Ya Ya Berlin 10'

Everyone I went to high school with is dead / so did Mike familiar with Rare Net / chamber of secret jazz musicians/ Australians are too orange coloured / Vietnam war was a good excuse for a knees-up / jelly on my dragster. / trying to locate the post box for the hospital / your teeth are green but your mind is most definitely black/ we couldn’t go for a burrito as we were ‘snowed in’ / the weird little lady didn’t mind sucking off the scum  /blind manta the buffet / sick of reason / listening to computer-generated classical music at 3.33pm / coughing in the afternoon / he sang something about looking for a boy in the trees / avoiding hellcat on the way home from the prison/we discovered the spaceman weeping over a crumpled black and white/ most treasured item in his box was the photograph of his dead enemy / we sit in the vegetable garden and weep (whilst listening to somebody  nearby playing a  Hammond organ) / discussing test cricket with the reformed sped freak / AIDS test cricket / AIDS flower./ I photographed the teenagers (who were sitting around waiting for trains and bum-sucking used cigarettes) / who is the dream magnet?? / I tire of men named ‘Dave’ / Frank Zappa probably is not actually dead / black poster kids/rotten calcus

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