Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I change my lovers on a regular basis / she lifted her bruised hand, and pathetically waved at the formerly-missing children / lock up sloppy doctor / I envy the baby with binocular vision / slut on the pavement / oblong teeth / the story of the year 2014 (milk-white knee caps stood out amongst the bronzed swimming pool models) /I was blessed with 19 fat children / did I really just have a ten minute conservation about South Australian dog breeders? / I got my hat and walked away from the dead man.. I thought I might go and see if my father was awake. Then I realised I was not where he was..oh no / swimming for apples / I dropped my bible and it was handed back to me by a tall thin man with furry finger nails / kittens look cute in the winter / childish Rambo / Rocky Cupid Siamese Tramp / mistaken bone / ride my horse on the moon/I tossed my apples into the river and headed off for the chip van / no, not a group of strangers eating French fries / dreamt of a caramel horse / all the dogs look like horses around here (that should be the other way around)/assaulted by my own mother / the modern devils / Cambridge eyelids / crooked ghosts / the fear of mother/excerpt from Screaming Baby Manifesto / secret peacock / taking tea with the Tomorrow Man /flesh-coloured sunrise / only blind people should seek work in an abattoir / smells like garlic-infused corpse/flesh-coloured beauty / flesh covered beauties / I keep on trying to get the approval of my old man / influence by none other than Jesus Christ himself /shameful teeth/ wooden pencil teeth / half way through the symposium became aware that I was one of only three men in the room who did not have wooden teeth / men of tomorrow joining hands with the Purity Scoundrels / string demon (romancing the killer) / gorgeous infanta / pocket-size toes / Christmas with the fascist / looking for Cole music / nobody knew why he had been called Tokyo Joe / cellophane-wrapped god / chocolate-covered lovers, that’s no way to treat the bed sheets / normal for Norfolk /breakfast with Father Ted / what colour are your feet? /daddy was a storefront preacher / / what she lacked in pulchritude she made up for in denim / mammose boy at the donut stand / he insisted I watched a film depicting two black men carrying potted plants down a dirty old street in London / fished women / perambulating around the graveyard with a vase of flowers in one hand and a small effigy of a priest in the other / putridity follows me nowhere etc / bag of dads / haemorrhaging on the last space shuttle home / storefront cats / flesh coloured tits/ empty out your head onto my bedroom floor, baby / how are do you think your feet are? / I met up with some men who live don worms alone / nothing but fun (Chalk-drawn boy) / those miserable summer bones/ funambulant stodgy bastard / posh breath/ day we danced with the humanoids / the day I quite being an artisan and became a piss artist instead /storefront dogs / bog man blues / Johnny, be kind to the dead kids / should that be capital D and S?/ mojo toe nails / Siamese sluts/pock-marked ex boyfriend / I am the janitor now/Cyclops in the sidecar (sidecar Cyclops) / beautiful rapidly blinking eyes of funny girl on the bus / my hairy bachelor pal / childish persuasion /Alison’s new twitch / twitching through the festival / the gospel according to Marmaduke Jackson / art show shag / gallery of kippers / king’s glued-on beard began to itch somethin’ rotten / I followed you around, carrying the dead body of the sophomore student in my hands/teenage demi-god

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