Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Russia Dust

'Russia Dust'

it’s 1981- I can’t believe you’re still  listening  to ‘Jaded Witch Project’  / the world is full of lethargic dogs /  I turned off the soap opera and cooked myself some eggs / It’s the best of the underwater Nazi movies / idiot’s vision (vision of idiot) / inside the newly-built machine / optional weapon / the blue weapons / tropical corpse / baby on the sideboard (sideboard baby) / Japanese figurehead / I washed my teeth in your soup / modern nose job/ cathartic soup (made form blood of my father –in-law) / arse museum / personalised chum / marble eyeballs don’t sweat / fear of nice people / cracked in the morning/ deeply defunct/ life of a dream freak . / caged promises/ hanging off his every utterance (especially what he said over dinner) / killed by the killer’s best pal / a cowboy’s elbows / this building where we found the body of Christ / spit into a cannon / armed teenager / I got my eyebrows raises / filthy eyes of addled bachelor / illegal gravity / come down to the graveyard and see the freshly dug-up  corpses / rancid ideology / billionaire’s breath / Chinese teenager / boiled before sunrise / sweet mess/  sweet children on the moon / please welcome back.. the floppy–eared Jesus (floppy-eared?) / courageous bender / volcanic tongue / I try to make my mind up before I kill someone / I’m the boy who glues flowers to other boy’s faces / personalised Jesus / teenage revelation / I look at my best fried and I start to wonder why he is my best friend / carnival in my ass hole / shocked by the new hairstyle of Mahatma Ghandi

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