Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Christopher Gilbert Sutton Bridge

 tapes don’t exist anymore / boiling mornings (Arab is the sucker ) / i prefer morbid jazz (I prefer maudlin jazz) / I also said ‘take that cake away from Fat Momma (real name)’/I value my ‘pipe smoker of the year’ award far more highly than my Noble Peace Prize (I do) / snakes in the paddling pool / Fred House is not my father / king of the afternoon / homeless chicken / running down the cinema microwaves / you’re 48, it’s time to get ride of the joke tits / fingers in my anus/whisper it softy..'prelude to a broken arm’ receives the golden rose / the golden rose that I had tattooed on my left bicep / I was handed a sealed envelope which contained the names of ten latent homosexual professional wrestlers / king of Acid / we unnerved the bachelors / the black bell-ringer / ancient rainbow / thoughtless pipes / the Milk Walrus (3) / Sweet Lenny Jessop and the Birds of Death / have you noticed that John Tropic  has a really sweaty forehead /articles of the dead / my life in the storm drain (no storms in Bangkok) /will this philtre work on the heterosexual? / daddy called me ‘Rusty Lee’ by mistake / Bruce Lee had a son called ‘Rusty’ / French spasm / Paradox games / the Olympic Games was a heap of crap- unless you enjoy watching people have running races etc. (which I, for one, most certainly do not!) / my grandfather wrote his cheese scone recipe on the back of my treasured ‘Adventure Island’ maps..the rascal! (that’s not what I initially called him! LOL) / the internet is a heap of crap..unless you like pornography (which I, for one, do is thoroughly vulgar!) / pest in the city / my lips are so sugary, Malcolm /   I switched my attention to the Japanese tourists / the proud day I became a member of the Japanese tourist board / couple’s sideburns / wore my cat suit in the caravan / Warriors of Southend / if you want to see an example of incompetent skateboarding, I know where you need to go /I have never met anyone with really curly hair (unless you count Brian May) / smoking cigarettes with people who look exactly like their girlfriends /  I got lost in the crowd dueto my fashionable Beatles haircut / the jazz age never really ended, mother /villager’s breath / you  deleted this world / stranger’s teeth / she laid out her teeth on the marble work space / fashionable idioms of mid 15yh cent. Paris /  we showed the humanoid a picture of Alf Garnett sitting on a derelict bridge /kid’s teeth / heroic hand gestures will never fall out of fashion / Little Johnny and the Silver Rocket Babies / Juicy Lioness / black spots on the moon / the new black sport / Christian Bale out / the day they stopped laughing at the stupid children / silent music / 15th cent. Sex show / there was a definite tactile presence in my bedroom last night.. and, no, it wasn’t Ape Child / venery sack / give me a hand with this injured conquistador /the curios smell of middle England hotel kitchens  / yeah, I know I am taller than a midget… / / ‘momma’ I cried out..'Ape Child has escaped from his pen again’.. / I was built for bobbing for apples / the powder on my nose is reminding me that the lover I once knew is now (deleted) /  I built your family a new house (Lisa Cargo came to stay with me and my mother f or approx. 6 weeks) / garlic fashion /Mama Baer went to the toilet, and in the toilet she discovered a 66 year old aristocratic lady giving mouth-to mouth to a wax dummy, this was strange, she thought. 

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