Monday, 29 July 2013

Wilkommen to the U.S. nineties, two-thousand

'I Don't Love You'

'Who Are These people?'

'Pegu Sin'

'A Pear'

'Wilkommen to the U.S. nineties, two-thousand'

'The Christmas Octopus'

Be calm sweet pea.  The Irish do not know the answer(s).  Test yourself in elated atmosphere/heightened environment. Awareness of what is going on around you and others. Sugar fix. You need more friends, especially homosexuals.

deformed shoes / Kid Oracle and the Dutch Masters / what the hell do you wanna live under the ground for? /slag hut blues / octopus lament / caravan corpse/100 year + 2 day war /ten risks involved with sending humans into space (list deleted by colonel Eric Blimp) / tangerine creamy incisions/  slags in the breakfast hut/tickled corpse/  I have demon –sized rats crawling around my kitchen / Captain Beefheart vs. the Grunt People / crying at the breakfast table / Remote hand-job / Bleeding Tom Mills’ breath stinks of peanuts /   I named my daughter after Tina Turner’s 15th best tune /teenage jelly / psychedelic happening under my bed / Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) list of his favourite albums of all times:- 1. ‘Sludge Daddy’ by Captain Beefheart and the Unbelievable Rewind; 2. ‘Purple Kittens Taste the Best’ by Captain Pansy and the Infant Tics; 3. ‘Slap-Happy Janitors’ by Queen Biscuit and the Pretty Kitten / RLS baby / I repeatedly told Amy Whitehouse to leave that junk alone. She wouldn’t listen (white headphones) / Peter Doherty is skanky and I will not allow him to date my daughter Jane Scrawl / long-forgotten trousers/keeping Michael at bay with a flaming stick/inserting peas into a skeleton’s nostrils / hello I am trying to locate the whereabouts of the Chicken Gypsy / Kid Oracle and the knowledgeable gypsy / Kid under the carpets / disturbed by mental image of the Queen’s whiskers/ deformed by the future /psychodaddy / singing along to Gram Parson’s tunes on a bus which was put out of action in 1988 / psycho bubble tripping on chimp juice (not too many people are aware of the psychedelic properties of chimp juice) / Jewish chimps/ calm people in the back pages of the New Testament / golden psychology (cheeky channels) / doesn’t Stewart Cliff’s new fish tattoo look shit!!!(this is a statement, not a question..ok?) / pillbox hat chat (dog sandwich) / the undisputable champion of Earth / slugging it out with a disabled grizzly bear /my first gay wedding / homophonic wedding /  we spotted Jimmy the King shuffling down the street with a babe on each arm (and two moist implants under his polo shirt) / moist re-entry / millennium rash / who remembers the following pop groups?...Daniel and the Chimneys, Ra Ra Death Squad, Hippo Chump / artificial hand gestures of the late 15th cent. / flange basket / plenty of buckets of offal / tall story of melting baby / my latest boyfriend is considerate killer /gentlemen in the bath tub / I joined hands with other men who are addicted to salt / pepper pot wife – I killed her!! / bored of being a skeleton / gymnasium hookers or gymnasium lookers / robot trumpet / drunk Wigan fingers / ash tray lover /my girlfriend got turned on by the Fatty Arbuckle footage /cancer straits (1990) / his face smells like leather / sniffing glue all night long /  going on pilgrimage which I might return from one day or I might not / had sex with a man in a bubble/dominant shapes in space/ shape of a porn queen/new French Polynesian girlfriend is making small effigies of her family out  of clay / sex with a dead donkey/ I assume you have actually heard of Paul Zone? / women in the swamp, playing clarinet / Donkey Mouth Jackson / customise your cock / dancing with the milk man / robot sperm / a box full of heavy mammals / adults who enjoy computer games are very childish / bunch of lesbians in  / witch on the underground / pink wish list / my fingers stink of your 38 year-old daughter / walking through town with a bag full of devil’s dandruff / kids with dandruff / my kitten tastes lovely / tense leisure/ big hat for skinny kid / spin the kangaroo / half-eaten banquet / Bean Baby is back in favour / amen artery death / Wolf Man on last train home (sitting next to a drunk bachelor) / kangaroo poems / what can be more beautiful than an honourable death? Mohammed and the fish-man / ‘Antique Death’ is my 33rd favourite ‘The Beatles’ song / perfumed garlic / King of the space age 

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