Thursday, 18 July 2013

It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes (I wonder, does this include all of the toilet breaks and waiting for pasta sauces to come to the boil etc.?)/ Nascent pastries / biblical detour / man is just God improvising / duty free eye / yes sir, I am an experiment / you people think they are better than God/ the beauty of madness / thrilled by the ship wreck / yes sir, I experimented on your woman / the second coming of mankind was met with a mixture of glee and apathy /I feel sorry for the youth of last night/ don’t be so quick to blame the youth of today, father / I feel sorry for people who look out of the window all day / filthy-minded orchestra / Weirdo Billy and the Sugar Babies / watered-down youth/ the day my son saw his first ship-wreck /angelic putty / went away for the day to have some Chinese gum surgery / tucked my socks into my trousers before getting down to some sex / she shoved things into her nostrils all morning /gritty yet pretty /a nice and modern Christ / permanent eyeballs/ / it’s just another one of God’s subterfuges / frantic lip job / all the foreign nostrils / hidden away like a shit bicycle that you don’t want your friends to see / I think if finally found my true love (in the bottom of the canal) memory of second LP recording w (no Slash) Atonal Joe (slash) / my new moustache / bleeding Jesus / my proudest moment was when I received an award from Birmingham-based Proto-Mu group (name deleted at the behest of ‘Walnut Jazz Records’)/ my son is 40 and he runs around in short trousers and jumps off high buildings to amuse passing /feathered bones/ children/sitting around in my new jeans flicking through a teenager’s fashion and style magazine / Chinese children form a nice orderly queue for the ice cream wagon / adventuring whilst high on Ketamine/ takin’ photographs of ‘the original man’ (at least that’s what the Glory Boys dubbed him)/Chinese ideas (from the Chinese inventory) / kinky gristle/tuck-shop bones/ New yeti (dead bird of LA) / clone geezer easy (every two minutes I combed my hair) / curled organs/ making romantic gestures to the Chinese Yeti / yeti mash

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