Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Stewart Cliff

'Stewart Cliff'

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'Stewart Cliff in Togo'

'Summer Stew (Stewart Cliff 6)'

new way of killing toads /  /psycho-erotic literature collector / erotology is not dead /pink eclipse / talking shit to dead people /   I talk shit because my mouth is actually an anus /I took a felt tip pen to my little brother’s teeth / whit teeth conversion /  Albert’s teenaged son has just shave off his moustache / this butter is way too up-market for me / reggae boner / jactating candy into a zombie’s putrefied gob / training gorillas to think about space travel  /the gorilla looked up to the moon and recognised home / fat ash tray / hash cake for grandma /there is a hole in my brain where all the ideas fall from / coloured special /  nose job 2000 / the man who encouraged his garden to grow backwards /bored astronaut / I forced the drag queen to enter the time machine / lake juju space portal / growing chips in the back garden  /spaceship teeth / modern cobweb / dead astronaut ./I’m gonna go home , wax my anus and listen to some ‘Sparklehorse’ cassettes / motivated by smiling cadaver / cuckoo glue / tropical fingers / dead astronaut glue / loose tits / mixed nuts for supper / concrete cobweb / German laughter (dildo jeer) /  waiting patiently for Pee Wee / making friends with young men who happen to look like The Pope / toad chair / wax my dick / humanoid in human’s uniform / skinned teeth / vulgar robots / traffic kidney / romancing the clown / Pope gets me off / bullshit machinery / he keeps his spare toes in a little leather pouch which he wears around his neck / skiving off with my gang  for 2.5 hours / you drifted off to sleep as I read my latest poem to you / smoking good ol’ bones / image of a screaming Eskimo baby / They turned off the lights and threw wet sponges at us. /This haunted house caters to pre-teens who had water bottles of vodka. /  We went around in circles and kept seeing the same "monster."/greedy baby / kingdom of men with quaffed hair / the the young teen gormandized the the custard  / the snow thief /female conclusion / I heard a rumour that the boss of the local market was in collusion with El Diablo himself / 1. cat in a hat (life) 2. the day I saw my 33rd camel get slaughtered (this is life) / we all know, deep down, that Elvis never actually went to the moon / David Bowie is still alive / this is life (the day I realised I hated my girlfriend) /  I never can trust an angry-looking teenager /holus-bolus / vulgar junction / I failed to express in words how much I hated the clown /  I was instructed once again to eat the document/ Avril Lavinge’s  police hat / the boy with the cardboard eyelids/paranoid cassettes /a detailed account of almost every man I have killed since 1986 / puddles of glue / but ma, puddles should be filthy /  I put you away with my other German things / dissolute back-seat buffalo  /Christmas shave / Slide whistle attack!/ Daniel Adams and the chuck truck wardens / people who only buy dented cans and bruised produce / feeling sick in the space shuttle / risible Afro  /African in my space locker / Sissy Space Check wrecked my home-coming / homecoming drag queen (perfumed drill instructors) /   /the igloo melted and we drank it / a fox floated past my penis last week  /Al’s Machine in Year 0 / morning start-up-Stewart / when will they put an African on the moon? / I cleaned my teeth and decided there and then to watch ‘Ape with a Headache’ on DVD / mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the hob goblin’s daughter / I gots the biscuit blues / I had to inform my mother that her place got hit up by Yo Sammety Sam / god damn biscuit thieves are everywhere / filth bra / I am the Buzzard King..and I wanna be cruel to you / we live in an age where people are starting to reject the internet / less information! Is my maxim now / I will only befriend people who have never used the internet  / the bachelor drew a white chalk line in the middle of the kitchen to separate his side and his imaginary pal’s side  / I said to my momma..’momma, I ain’t afraid of no fence devil no more / celebrate Christmas with following mythical characters..1. Fence Devil 2. Cat Pasty 3. Camel Pig 4. Duck Franklyn / going back to school in 2014 (gay pastry) / Lionel’s tan / millions of babies falling from the sky on a Tuesday / Cassidy the headline-grabbing butcher/ I smoke shit that makes me feel good..what’s so bad about that, mamma?  / toe nails on Mars / Ronnie Cox’s Stewart

'Is This Cliff? (Stewart Cliff?)'

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