Wednesday, 17 July 2013

the son of my father is bleating like a crooked sheep / these glorious toe nails of yours / my lover’s secret twitch (suppressed in public by drugs ‘n’ distractions) /a big bag of flags fell down from the sky..i took off my jumper and took a bite of apple pie..oh lord..i ain’t got a home to no children / the summer sun made me bleed ..sweaty bones and mildew-covered teeth.. the army has just shot down the terrorist’s son.. oh lord I am having some fun..with the garage police and the midnight dead lord/ dead kids of Midnight City / took my teeth out for the amusement of the sobbing baby (who soon will not be sobbing anymore) / a very talented scarecrow /why aren’t children scared of old people? / sunshine on the moon (pink fingertips) / dead kids of Midnight City ./ that was an interval, not a pause..if I keep itching this wound it will bleed in due course/deathray blues/weirdo’s walk / daddy’s secret acid glow /boys in Halloween masks huddled together signing sweet childhood songs and eating popping candy / attracting women was not what his famous moustache was for/ creepy jumpers worn by 80s Polish punks/ I met my lover at a concert by ‘Pink Top’ (Polish Punk from 1987) / they couldn’t keep the internet secret any longer / sensational toupee /trite gods /my grandfather was part of the government department who were tasked with trying to keep the internet a secret in the 1940s / I am hanging around with a ginger African girl / can life get any better?; I’m sure it could if you gave me a little sugar from time to time / I was a war baby and the sound of bullets flying through the air reminded me of home / sometimes the vacuum is the preferable option//secret toe nails ./ they shaved the rex’s head / the library smells of cinnamon (the death bird has been singing his songs of sorrow again) /lack of medicine in the cabinet/ who needs the carpet slags (greasy 69) / ol’ Bess lives alone in a country devoid of technology and or fast-food joints / had tea with the extraordinary ugly plastic surgeon / no, I am a wooden surgeon / coffin drum / I played drums with the skeleton bones that my grandfather lent me / I was a little perturbed when he requested that I dress up as a cowboy / I miss my /stagnating baby / my mind is boiled like the sun/nightly bonk / Sinic skeleton buried in my garden / Constable often got an erection whilst arresting bad prats / dumb burger / contagious dogs are my favourite / it is so humiliating when you get an erection whilst painting a nude model / burped into the scholar’s face / / nobody’s daddy / have you noticed how farts smell like McDonalds food? / Q: do plastic demons melt in Hades/turned on by road kill / road kill child / dancing on the ledge / oh momma I pissed myself today.. oh momma we got to drive these demons away..some day..why not now! / I took your hand and lead you to the graveyard.. I ran my crooked fingers all over your beautiful face.. I dipped my toes in the river and thought about my dead son /we got televisions and drugs..and we gonna enjoy it / ten fruity zoo animals stuck in traffic on Christmas day / 1. salient boxer / discussing farting techniques with the American teenagers / Harry’s awful secret /thank you, daddy, for my puppy in a sock (sock puppet) / theatre of misery / lunch counter whore / fraggle jazz / I climbed out of the tree, took off my coat..made love to your mother and took my hand from your father’s throat / incoherent corpse / the day we found flowers in the sky

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