Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Math Suicide

'Ohio (Who Made U Do Fings Dat U Shouldn't Be Doin'?)'

'Math Suicide'

dump truck psychology / In love with the padre / babies with Bavarian measles / finishing school jaw line / five blue wisdom/here comes Leisure Head / would you like to float above NYC now? / I gotta eat bones (I got candy gums) / nursery jaw line/day 2: Vladimir Putin has ordered the killing of Prince Harry and his beautiful wife ..  / buttered octopus /  doomdsday jazz club / heckled by a dead man / bobcat rock (avid brute) / attractive brute / no I am not an abolitionist / carefree thoughts of newborn humanoid / polished surface of the newborn’s head / sick Mike + the modern drum students / modern eyelids / ..he decided to devote his life to banging his head on a wall / umbrella nuggets / feathered drums / consider him an Asian sensation / butler’s frown / Dylan’s revenge / modern shame / jazz baby on the plinth / in love with a pachyderm

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