Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Prince Charles has a Dirty Secret

'Younger than Yoda'

'Forensic Breath'

'Prince Charles has a Dirty Secret'

'Breath Test (Owl Sanctuary)'

'Ross Turnbull'

'Dramatically Yours'

'Flash Fish'

'For the Shite Burds'

'Finger Tooth Rita Orr'

'Bum Dawg'

'Like a SM'

'Dutch in Peterborough'


'George Willow'


'Me with Fwend'
washing machine blues (112) / the African Madonna / Madonna of the future  - Slur Shot/my boyfriend is a good guy but he suffers from a lack of confidence and his breath smells like fish paste / liquid biscuit / I don’t live with alligator anymore/chicken wire blues – hot sex in Arizona / I got my hair tangled up in the chicken wire..where was you when  I needed you? /where were you when the wire was cut? / pathetic maelstrom/  / what was particularly noticeable was the Pinteresque silence between the hanging judge and the condemned man / sexy incision / exotic dog / Siamese daddies / that purple taste/ milk-white eyelids/Siamese dinner ladies / i tried, in vain, to find a good hiding place for my cold sausages (to prevent them from being eaten by the Elton John impersonator) / / box of tonsils / why do corpses smell so sweet? / the independent prod / I licked my lips whilst waiting for the Panny Baby / admiring a baby’s fat bottom lip / muck puppet vantage point / days we spent cleaning one another’s teeth/viewing the slaughter from the safety of the abandoned hotel / he tried to tell me that teeth should not actually be milk-white / yes we have yellow teeth/yeah the mortal touch – oh yeah I saw you underneath the bedroom curtains talking to the cat(s) / yes I did see you underneath the kitchen curtains/ cave baby needs deodorant / come and sit on my chair, Sweet Alex./industrial psychological relief / strategy for demon killer / 1. pumpkin hand job duffel coat / 2. I know my lover/phantom teeth / life with Huck / before the relish / aunty is dead/Hannibal Nine /the old geezer had every one of his remaining teeth removed (but he refused to eat lolly pops) / sucking on badger’s testicle is one of many weird rituals we have discovered on this godforsaken island e call ‘Ju Ju Land’ / I wonder if you know of a place where I could store my collection of stuffed dogs? / my sister was delighted to arrive on a planet populated entirely by black ponies /double fart /I am the king of nothingness/the day I realised my dog was too f’ing small / I want you back.. I should never have shot you / I switched off the ‘Boy Zone’ cassette and replaced it with the ‘Six Organs of Admittance’ cassette / boiled flowers/ I noticed that most of the Teds had very fat fingers /bygone boys of Shoeburyness /  spat out sugar into a jar of vinegar / my spittle cattle / don’t makes all the mothers cry  /don’t forget to wire earth with news of the death of Papa Old / sugar-coated mendicant / paid the vet bill before spending money on a new romper suit for my boyfriend / skinny cat earth wire / corpse in a wheelbarrow / stunning turds / secret imprint / growling pains / French spaceship / it don’t take much to get up in the morning when you are pals with The Stone(s)/ mute jelly / silent pipes / Big Foot on the moon / cheese sideboards/Christmas tree teeth / tasty Christians / the lunatic blues/ keep on chewing, there is more to come/upon landing on the moon, I took a leak (as there was no one around to witness me doing it) / I am not in love with Emma Bung (despite trying hard to be so) / king of fantasy / eye stubble / most men fancy the king, don’t they/chubby pipes/Pakistan is my seventh favourite holiday destination / pool balls from Moscow (painted a ‘funny’ colour) / Elton John on a lamppost / dead eyes of future killer / the seldom-seen Swamp Gorilla is hanging around my back garden / deformed missus/I felt better after I squeezed your chubby cheeks / girls who dress exactly how boys did in Victorian Britain / Eat Like a Man (why didn’t I think of that?) / eat more candy / threw a blanket over the ghost so people could tell it was definitely a ghost and not a translucent man / there’s a rumour going around the circus that Barry Who is a plastic bastard / went for a cycle ride with my pals Johnny Mustard and TV Trevor / I am an ex-coke addict now big star presenter of children’s TV/echo from the bog / life with and of the Sandy Dandy  /dandies in the sand (secret stump)/ life of a Marsh Dentist/ sometimes sugar just tastes too damned good /  / rubbish-dump babies / you have the eyes of Christ / Colourful hats risk invisible sugar traffic / you’re the kinda slut I would want to be with /despite being a panophobe, I am actually fairly brave when it comes to fighting in a rather dangerous war-like environment / bellicose Jesus /..and finally we take an exclusive look into the mouth of God / kinky for dues / the vegetarian chief of police / muddled boxers in astronaut suits/ my Caucasian girlfriend has Japanese eyebrows /  fallen off the roof onto the carcass of a hippo - -nice fleshy landing/  I looked in your mouth and dreamt of being with your teeth / Voodoo Chat Box new releases Jan 2016:- ‘Eye of the Porno Queen’ by Mahatma Smith, ‘Dog Bones 4Ever’ by Kid Chubby and the Ectomorphic Daddies and ‘Ghost in the Incubator’ by Cherry Lips and the Over-Weight Kids / African people wearing over-sized glasses make me happy / took  a cannikin of plimsoll juice before retiring for the day /sexy astronaut . / glad to be weightless / Christian Peacock/ spent m most of Saturday lusciously smiling at the female peacock/swollen shoes (swamp grin mamma

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