Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tom / Pob

'Tom / Pob'

'Yeah Yeah Mother Fucker'

 the day they stopped crying into their milk / crying milk tears / day job foot solider  /five maps attached together helped us locate the slag / 1884  -we burned a slag and drank all the beer that was left behind by the warriors/bought a monkey (but no deodorant) from a Chinese deodorant salesman/ inane passages from New Testament/ it left both groups of listeners scratching their Jocko Homo little monkey heads. / the lad with the silver button/new cobwebs (cowboys wrestling other cowboys) / gang of cowboys (pressing flowers) / (silver egg gravy close bracket/ music for babies / I can’t believe you even considered giving mouth-to-mouth to the fascists / pump detour for yanks / Felicitous death (bong bong romantic gestures from the bottom of sea) / angelic ship wreck/ Arab tracked down Angelica Huston / soggy features of  Mache Man / Bobby Joseph’s perfumed finger / this is what links me to the railroad man / the girl with silver cobwebs in her hair / Afro touch√©/Ghost town by the sea / sweet Niagara blues  /sweet Niagara loop music (or biscuit)/Ghost Town Blues / wrap me in cling-film and tell me you love me / my pleasure delirium wrapped around me like an Englishman's cable-knit sweater / life of a panaphobe / chutney bladder/ backwards chanting let them know they were nearly home / ok..stone free to ride the kinky breeze / talking to white kids

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