Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I unwrapped Bleeding Tom Mill’s bandages to reveal the face of a hairy little lunatic / little bitch grew up to be a great gal/goblin of noise (bleeding at the wheel) / ozone-friendly orchestra (graveyard rubbers) / baby android /why are graveyards in your home village always littered with sued johnny bags? (Alexis not Greek)/ I have never told you how bad your feet taste / taking pot shots at the moon (try to hit an alien) / cured of scurvy on Xmas eve/killed at approx. 3.46 am (by a man who should never have been released from the freak show) / I always liked it when the Petticoats singer’s German accent broke through /my nephew has fallen in love with Düsseldorf teen/her German accent broke through and upset all the British Nationalists / big-fingered baby /the murderer is in the bath tub trying to wash all that blood off his fat body/ foreign tooth/ /my brother tried to convince my father that no two punk rock haircuts were the same /I found my ‘Jackdaw with Crowbar’ cassette nestled down the back of the sofa / Albania Alabama-YK/talking to the Moomin about felt tip art on a rainy Christmas day in Hull/the day they taught me to stand on my own two hind legs/ I was am a felt tip artist from a small village in Hungary/theatre of spite/ cartoon man in an anorak/skip content report day heads, pegs, old broke TV sets and other things/ ostracised heterosexual cowboy/ 2. two French boys pulling fish bones from thin air (to impress British girls)//not afraid of you but am afraid of werewolf, zombies and King Dracula /they shouldn’t have sent a shy baby to the moon / teenagers on the moon / / I don’t know where they put that fog / ‘Climbing up the Stairs at a very slow pace’ by Freak Dog and the Elevator Babies was the 1st Cassette I ever nicked from Woolworths /beef market blues / King Gorilla came to give us his permission to eat a banana from time to time / I caught my prostitute wife kissing Christ on the lips

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