Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Demon Time

'Fire Eye Angel'

'Demon Time'

'Tribute to Faharsha Azinki'

'Where Are We?'

 velvet ball bag / image of a screaming Eskimo baby / sideways glance at the fat transvestite / Wild Simon (Wide Simon) / my fat boyfriend (covered in sweat at 6.45 am) /  / TV eyeball sight eye /  the birth of gravy /you look weirder in the mirror / coughing up mud / 1. vegetarian death 2. bloody cuttings 3. hour of the dead witch / do you care about my dead dog?  /vegan trash / bloody vegans (eating lettuces) / my lucky pouch of walrus sperm /kitten pistol / glamorous spasm / they x-rayed my horse’s face / piano traffic / back row beauties /  I spotted a glowing spider on the roof of my wife’s automobile (this was. This was 1998, I believe) / GG’s revenge (hush junk). /  glad to be a relic, daddy / perfumed trousers /liquid pimp (liquid piss) / Jacobi’s sneer centre /  water kites/there is no way you can build a house slowly / my mother’s tics are getting worse as we drive into Ju Ju Town /my girlfriend’s unattractive pink thumbs / Bruce is a good name for a dog / honesty pipe / people are naked  / stubbed out Ray / this is the finger that touched the prince /it is important to separate the chimps and the gorillas / gorilla starts to realise that earth is now his home / auntie’s cock / fella in my daydream / / Nick Cave’s (the singer) blue units / she hawk’s blue units / Uncle Deborah and the sad killers / pickled eyebrows / you stood looking out at the ocean with your penis in your left paw / ballbag on the moon / do chickens sweat? / a prince among dogs / V1 Hand of God + Johnny Pickle / sleeping with the bachelor /  / they don’t make cobwebs like they used to / Batman  couldn’t taker to the villagers / why don’t humanoids have eyebrows / spat on my enemy’s grave /  he brew nice drinks / Hebrew incision / / I have always admired Julio’s fur-lined fingers / my baby got the tooth ache (and she ain’t giving out) / Powder Puff Man / New Romantic tits / the Lauren Beat / these beautiful plastic tits / abnormal drum solo / powder engine / celestial engine / terrestrial humdinger / ghost reader with a make-believe vacuum cleaner / earth is a shit hole /  I took my daughter to see the horses being shot / I shot the kittens in their bucket /   wanking off strangers / come home and test out your newly-built tits on me / we discovered the teenager lying on the floor wailing something about ‘crayon therapy’ /the pope was troubled by his incredibly itchy feet / the elbow thief / abused teeth / living on crumbs and cobweb juice / we evicted Roland from the cabbage patch / I recall a time when everyone thought Jack E was funny / drawn porno / ABC, easy as you and me / another leftover mince meat sandwich / girls inside your brain / I live on my own but sometimes I entertain ageing gentlemen /  my hands smell like a sofa / /I can’t rely on my dad to prepare his meals on time / you will be able to spot me as I will be wearing a child’s coat / lobster’s alphabet (concord nostrils) / shaved eyebrows on a teenager / I painted the igloo and then got into a scrap with an Inuit / sensational tits /   I got the crayon therapy blues / filthy fucken' moustache (catgut) / cat rampage (wet whiskers) / / the birth of an onion / you shouldn’t have dipped your testicles in the onion gravy / forgotten rain drops /summer pedestal (dry house) / get your clothes on and come see the alien /  just before we started dinner, Duchamp cried out ‘I will never eat these  olid victuals’/ my father instigated a hipster persona around 1988 – by 1990 he had reverted back to his original square persona/I love a cauliflower sandwich / my frisseur has just had two babies / happy history (modern romp) / cafeteria corpse / the hollow face of Kid Jesus / modern tits / buffalo in my garden / Avril belongs to my lord/ my lord is gay and happy 

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