Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ibiza Holiday Polaroids 1984

we found the circus fliers alls crunched up in the bottom of the clown’s coffin / my jewellery case contains nothing but tiny little chicken bones / day lord dropped out of sky/makeshift bones / make shit, daddy boy / secret smell secret thumb nail / cuckoo shoes / promising ghost / oh my goodness, you are one fruity ghost  sailor’s eyeballs / dead thumbnail / a life time of not giving a f*** / invisible butcher / caged lizard, snoring cowboy (how do we make love when locked in separate cages?) / around the world with Jazz  Baby Tony / love’s last secret  / you rare now my favourite big boy / big boy under the carpet / he was ostensibly the father of everyone else / god’s teeth (baby snakes) / teenage daughter shot down for under 50 cents / dancing with Charlton Athletic fans / mesmerising bearded teenagers / my pessimistic spine / Ethiopian kids on the mono / Charley’s filthy nag /  secret kitchen / perfumed stoat / dead pest / ‘get back’ shouted the shaking Beatle / rise of the tidal bandits/risible bandit (on the moon) / chuggin’ hot oil / do you have any footage of bearded men climbing Mount Everest (on VHS) / drunk on VHS / I became the bastard / 3. Black Amp Canadian Scum Group (1997) / kids from the Black Ages / Joe Mutant and the dead cars / I skinned me a human being momma/Catholic children on the moon/ gravy-coated child / save the last gherkin for me / comedian on death row /accelerated neck / cuckoo shampoo /  radio bastashaman’s horse/  my fathers irrational and wanton hatred of the circus boys / Alaskan haemorrhage / I cut myself shaving this morning, but I did not cry out with pain..i was blissfully happy to see the red blood tricking down mah chin (everyone wants love) /dead finger nail / Solid State Shirley and Dolly Collins / dead Collins/bastard at the piano / as I approached to kiss her, I noticed some congealed blood on her top lip  I smeared hot juice all over my mum’s second-best curtains / I placed my greasy fingers on your sister-in-law’s left buttock / my slimy fingers left a trail of goo which proved that I had been with your ex-wife / bring out the old janitor and let’s see what he knows / / I have always gone for functional girls / I am Jesus (Jesus is black) / ‘A Clockwork Legion’ is actually my 701st favourite LP of all times / accidental suicide memoirs vol. 03/  and homeopathic  love is my see see / chubby rockets / we uncovered the previously well-hidden children’s toys and coughed  three times / my penis is your best friend, is it not? / I’m so clever, King Clinton (I’m so clever) / 100 dogs an hour / bestiality shall never go out of fashion, Keith/ admiring a cowboy’s greasy sideburns (how can I get mine like that?) / Mount Everest VHX/ croaking lizard at the crack of hell dawn / filthy blistered fingertips / raped by honesty / the girls with dog flowers in their teeth and hair / too many Germans in space/ I hate Sue Z  /lionise the masses / crunchy like a helicopter/ I smelt love on your breath and saw fear in your milky eyes / sensible clowns / I got Maggie Smith on speed-dial /your new LP sounds like it was recorded in a council house living room, full of synthetic curtains, flowery wallpaper, and shagpile carpets /  I slid my fingers into my wife’s anus and then promptly fell asleep (I had been working all night at the  bible factory) / factory ticks / ringing up for speed / floating in the pea-green sea / a bulbous head, a skinny little body / should I refer to Iggy as ‘Mr Pop’/ my death pop / the poacher’s progress / remaining bones were divided between the over-6s 

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