Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fucking Vortex

'Have You Ever Noticed the Way a Building Can Look Like a Person?'

'Fucking Vortex'

'Hole Parade'

'New World / JKK'

televised wars are better than non-televised wars/  tremendous blow job / televised torture / avoiding the glare of the Marsh baby /kingdom of worried people / people who say ‘ drop me an email’ should be bloody shot (I am quoting Norman Jacobson here) /  he went home and broke up all his teeth / two finger worth of love / sexual impropriety / sick biscuits / thank you for my country stew / I’m grateful to you for saving the android / adult robots / I kiss your toe nails one at a time / mock paraphernalia / Jewish heat wave / forgotten space idols / the remains of Wales / Arab biscuits / I love to dip my fingers in your livelihood / snakes are slimy/ and I will meet you outside my house / drunk on the future / unimpressed by Keith Richard’s dried monkey collection  / echo chamber blues / Arab on the back seat of my sports car / look at these, my furry toes / walking with humanoids (part A) / walking without feet / the mouth was shared between most of the kids / the death of a boy named ‘Spider Boy’ / capital cripple / admiring a lobster’s toe nails/ jazz functionality / Jabba Baby grows big and joins the Coconut Orchestra  reserves list / coconut head emergency  / I have always preferred staring into space than to watching television /  Mama Baer lobster putty garlic frightened carcass (ha) / / vacant raps / talentless baby / the misery  forces of fake television / Jimi Hendrix and I loved the sun and the moon also / giraffe with no moustache / now I have forgotten my baby’s name / the clanging sound of my mother’s voice /we passed the otters at 6.43 am / honky derby / we spent most of Sunday morning wrestling bears to the ground  /biblical addendum/risky sex acts of the 19th cent. / I was presented with an ice sculpture of Noddy Holder / here comes the dinner, at long god-damn last / I threw most of my ‘13th Floor Elevator’ cassettes into the nearest garbage truck, to give the garbo’s somethin’ to listen to whilst carrying out their very important work / refuse collector in my front room / let’s get chubby / Pacman’s salad / Pink Sugar (AKA Sugar Poof) / garlic revival / returning corpse – The Arab Jackie / garlic summer / the pathetic serenade / Pablo and Ian with Gene dream / emotional outpourings on last train home / it’s good to get chubby at 3.46am (ok yeah) / I miss the Victorians / Victoria, Daniel, Nobody; relics of the golden age of swamp jazz / swamp opera / sometimes I give myself so much pleasure  I think I might explode / smooth red adult queens hanging outside the flop house / flop house reject / swamp ballet (I placed my bobble hat on top of the child’s head / his wan features were making the elders nervous / the moral of the story one ever gets out of here alive (or, indeed, dead) / dancing to officially-sanctioned dance music / wart snorkel / kid behind the curtain / we presented  a jar of pickled kidneys to the runner-up (the winner got a carefully-sculptured effigy of a dead polar bear) / Chinese Ape /Chinese apples / smoking some really good stuff on the way home from the business trip /  I think it’s funny when boy bands get to be 50 and still think they are sexy (even though they are now horrendously overweight) / African instruction manual 

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