Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eggs for Breafast

'Issy Fit?'

'Eggs for Breakfast'

'Crispy Wednesday (Youth/Shrug)'

Have you noticed how no one actually listens to Mickey Mouse’s mouth organ music  anymore / bingo wind / Trevor looks like he needs a bath and something to eat / dancing corpse / we shot the corpse in the head and urinated on the 10 dollar bill  /antique fish finger / that faintly erotic silver bird that kept flying into my head in my youth (sir, I am now 74 years old and my fingers have grown wrinkly and thin) / furry features of fur boy) / children in space/  the breed of kids who had no thumbs / the sordid wars / soiled pants of scared rejected officer / knock off effect / the long overdue written history of the crippled walnut / pre-conditioned kitten / people whop like computers are usually stupid ./ a weekend of stubble (New moves -  crippled mouth) /there is no disputing in my house that Daffy Duck is a twat / queer ancient fellas /  shagging your sister’s boyfriend / / twisted space-age projections / beautiful blister /  I recorded over my ‘Concert for Tina’ cassette with some home-made concertina jazz) / forgotten teeth left wrapped in a used yellow sock (off yellow, actually) / White Witch Project / projecting images of dead soldiers onto the school wall / black pleasure /  dark pleasures of the BS Cowboy Tribe /  I insist that my soldiers dress in leather and wear eyeliner / put your hands down and feel this fur / my top 3 favourite new bands this month are:- 3. Errol Blackspot and the Teeth 2. Lance Henrikson and the Swollen Glands 1. Triumphant Joe and the Smog Chasers / soiled women at the dinner tale / Lance Armstrong’s new boil /chubby children  on the moon (*PR) / jazz blankets /  I boiled the chicken today  /leaked out foe haven  /be my tiger tonight  tiger / river boat whore / let’s shave off our beards and pretend top be children   /Bartholomew’s spoilt features were still delightful to most ladies / dungeon baby / soiled army pants /before dinner I retold my famous story about the eccentric solider who kept a pork pie under his army helmet / / the long-forgotten fable of Hitler and his underground bummer / Errol Sheath and the Cobwebs / why are cobwebs sticky? / is it still illegal to smoke fish? / prison lips/ I tried to tie my dog to the back of the passing truck / small people in Munich / black space pod queen /  secret vinegar (NE) / hanging around with men who don’t know how to shoot their rifles properly / smoking cigars and munching on pickled kidneys / big boy in the face / I decided to distribute clay effigies of my penis to my friends and my friend’s families / rejected corpse (God is a harsh lord) / most Christians prefer mushroom omelettes to cheese and ham omelettes / woodpecker in a cuckoo tree / Clark Daniels and Lilly Fingers / walking through space with some aliens etc. / my son requested a Michael Jackson tape for his birthday, but I got him a ‘The Slit’s tape instead (and ) / cat in a mushroom field / deadly secretions of the Dermot Wax Worm / big man’s small finger / killer’s side-parting / jungle pastries / the peculiar feeling you get when lost in space / discreet dandruff / queen of swans! / industrial gums / those delightful albino swans /pansy feet / I lost my rag with Baby Feet /  I have always had a strong fascination with hairy babies / doomed to cry tonight /ten or twelve Chinese people staring out of the broken window of a crashed spaced shuttle / inside the mind of a Pakistani foot soldier /here comes Candy Thumbs / clean Beatle (Jackie Morrison ) / a steady stream of piss trickled into the labourer’s mouth as he lay prone on the muddy ground / pampering the corpse / I didn’t expect to see Alpine smog / snorting on the way home from Pigsville / the girl with permanent tuna breath / death of a minor actor /  / my grandma’s crenate bed posts / don’t skeletons with postcihes look funny??  / don’t forget the god-damned apple sauce this time / Jesus in the igloo / I put my swollen tongue on ice / Polish dentist writing poetry and shaving their heads because they are in the middle of a heat wave and their hair made their heads feel too hot / are you doing over time? / pancake wrist action web poetry club / I piled up my Arab Strap cassettes next to the plastic sandwich / corpse ennui / corpse in the heatwave (zombie in the heatwave) / coated in hope / coconut teeth  /electronic gore/ F Gore / spastic trick pony / kitten coated in diesel / perfumed teeth (2) / helicopter teeth / jazz fist / went to heaven with Turkey David at Xmas / poor man’s duffel bag / teacher’s horse / what happened to blistered chicken? / summer bullets/  contour shapes / pub rock hair implants / kinky infauna / ecstatic pipe /ill Ayden’s over-boiled army / Spaniel Candy / Dutch rubber / fold-up corpse / dinner-time pipes / 

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