Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spanish and Illegal

'Spanish and Illegal'

'2B The House Painters'

'Black Sex Tablet'

antique thumbs /Ma Grindley and the shame-faced losers of Dog City / come and let me sit on your deformed knee /the fur on his feet felt like  kitten’s eyebrows / 20th March – the day Sugar Man came home for good (we hope!!!) / hairy drum patterns / I snore when I’m awake..ha ha / they wouldn’t let me take the ape home / we dripped the ‘the’ when addressing ‘the ape’ / / Bog man’s Bones / flash anal passage /  I simplified my life by getting my hair cut short and divorcing my wife of 15 years / I am now a man—i am now your woman/ / vigilante at the supper club / lunch counter beauties / analogue trump / ape in the Jacuzzi with extra bubble bath /refractory gang – war of the young ‘uns / waiting for happiness (Nell Lung @ Elephant Trunk Club) / Siamese twister / Summer Bones Manifesto Part X / Cabbage Andy was a veggie god to me / Salvador Dali was my lover, friend, enemy and greatest artistic inspiration / admiring the Croesus’ antiquated sideburns / Robbie Robertson and the Joy Valve / turned off by paper-thin lips / skinny diamond teeth / pork slade / modern teeth (2)  /sitting still on a rollercoaster / dirt-brown trousers / slipped over on some abandoned offal / offal priest / diseased machines / slimy knee caps  /sidecar trollop / GG and man with no legs/taking a nibble of Glen Matlock's sweet tissue / moon parade was a bit of a let-down / sugar in my pocket/traded my ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ cassette for a cassette copy of ‘German Risky’ by ‘Revenge of the Fags’ / duck’s secret wink / a shapeless Sex Pistol / inspired by the H Bomb (G Bomb) / you’re my new favourite clown / desk-top rats /  take 9 was a little crispy too crispy for my liking / forgotten TV blues (Ya know me) / Ground Zero Romeo / who gave that baboon a trumpet? / Jim Room AKA Choccy Wilson is addicted to Mexican chat-rooms on the internet / from my dungeon window I could hear Bleeding Tom Mills whistling ‘Hassle Schmuck’ by The Fall (sidekick of a priest) / flattering the priest’s sidekick by complementing him on his gorgeous cassock / I lifted my hand to show I  was not the idiot from breakfast TV –yes / sick on whale meat/ flesh-coloured kids on the TV set / plastic erection / summer Daniels / bell-end blues / time to tick off the clown  / aural lesions / free me baby, I need to go see the latest Susie Bagley  motion picture / there is a duck in my  soup / greasy tourist on the moon/look who got lost in the fig / met a goat on the way home  / life of the Sewer Baby / abstract rats / it’s actually  one of my favourite LPs by ‘Mary Monday and the Bitches’ / receiving messages from pencil-thin God / oily Jesus / plastic cats / pink maps / the green teeth of bad man/harmonious corpses/ blind in paradise / we were blinded by the future / dog in some fog / tortured dogs of Scotland (bastard) / fag on the bus / my what a talented little scout you are / obo for ox / your lovely smiley finger nails ./ scratched behind the opera curtain (rocket opera)/tropical teeth  /cosy bones / fell out of love with the flaming white octopus/ flaming whippet (parade of chumps) / bathing with apes / bathing with the gay people / contrary to popular opinion, Salvador Dali was not actually a lunatic / I am the man who combed your beard last night (whilst you slept) /100 dogs a second / dynamite rash / Christian presence/  first impressions of Christ /electric denim / rubber corpse / bushy eyebrows of priest / turd in your grave / my dick in your city / we grew moustaches and stood around waiting for the talent scouts/ sometimes they rob the wrong corpse

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