Wednesday, 17 July 2013

we fed the baby humanoid some poached egg (which killed him, quite Frankly) / Queer Fraternity= Dutch Happiness (this is not the end of our trip to Amsterdam..we have one more day left to get high and look at ladies of da night) / American glass is slightly better quality than British glass / the TV evangelist persuaded me to pay 200 dollars for a small piece of cloth which he claimed Christ used to wipe his chops at the Last Supper / does God have a favourite animal / one of gods favourites / Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA ‘The Laughing Gob’) has never tried heroin. He has also never tried a three-some. But he did once see ‘Keith Harris’ live in concert / Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA ‘The Laughing Gob’) has a favourite animal (can u guess what it is?)..answer:- a duck-billed platypus (closely followed by Tom himself carrying a large net and a pair of pliers / I simply cannot live without my little China Troll / I remember when it was ok to take the piss out of bachelors / playing table tennis with the gummy zombies / stuck my fingers up the president’s backside (to get a rise) / dummy breasts melting under the studio lights / filthy little paradise / I blinked three times but , still, the white dog of Sandersville sat barking at my shoes/ sorry dentists, this is my time to shine heads floating around Cracked Eric’s abandoned swimming pool..lost dogs eating kidneys which butcher’s have chucked out of their shops (because ‘no-one wants 'em anymore) / filthy little parasite (modern womb) – modern wound / eating mess / Johnny Fingers and the Hands of Death/lend me your chimp- I’ll take good care of it I promise / I tried to find the long-lost fingers of doom.. but to no avail / tribute to a mentally scarred aubergine farmer /I am chatting to men who claim to wear inappropriate clothes behind closed doors /the spaceship was filled with inchoate little Martians / set those sugar babies on fire and set them free/ the Teddy Boy 6 never had a significant hit, but they did write several songs which have been covered by some of today’s most rubbish groups /1. I can’t count up to ten since the accident (I stopped listening to my Pere Ubu cassette one day before the accident) / Fact of today (Frog Spawn Sunday) – Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA ‘The Laughing Gob’) was once a member of Welsh pop group ‘The Super Furry Animals’ (he played the hand drum) / Fact of Today (Sperm Whale Wednesday) Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA ‘The Laughing Gob’) has four daughters and one of them shares its name with foreign film star ‘Black Jet Annie’ / Bleeding Tom Mills has various nomenclatures (including ‘The Dark Giant’, ‘The Twitching Gob’ and ‘Big Baby Heart-throb’)..which one do you love the best?

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