Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pessimism and What it Can Do for You

'Eat the Fruit'

'Jerry and the 'Key' Thing'

'Pessimism and What it Can Do for You'

Believe in the pimp (keep my mum off the street) / freedom for all children over the age of 30 / mighty Christ  /drugs on the rug / a modern impression of Christ / stubborn side show / the day Bobby came home (to find a wolf in his bed) / I didn’t think you would lie to me (sweet bliss) / paste a boy to the antique cupboard / tempted children to come down from trees with the promise of a big bag of candy / creamy walnuts / come ‘ere lover and get a load o’ this fat tackle (that is how vulgar people speak, father) / touch me, I’m man / I keep repeating, it takes a beating /it takes guts to wear those boots in the afternoon /You call it a question, I call it a line of abstract poetry written in bed in the morning by a Hungarian witch doctor / Tom is marginally more handsome than Hans Seeger / ready for Jumble Weed  /doctor’s box  / damaged octopus / obsessed with the small details (ready for the black list) / I am ready to be black-listed  / Springsteen’s racing car pun – smell the sweet and sour muddy turf / oblong death (beautiful cobweb) / the whole milieu of the Corduroy 4 betting slip blues/if you have repeated something for over 16 yrs, can you be classed as  a dilettante? 

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