Monday, 15 July 2013

The Fall New LP (2015)

'The Day Before Sunday'

'The Fall New LP (2015)'

Gaunt Sausage/ Billy Lynch and the Tearful Lesbians/ part c: raw dancer / war on blank faced babies/ force feeding chips to a space man/ pigs on the treadmill/ visions of Disney/ art critics with crew cuts have no credibility/ Middlesbrough truth sermon/ mummy and daddy find a fossilised pig/ weird dad.. Carries a bag full of wood shavings on the Tube and never washes his face/ unseen canteen.. Eye tea for Vera Drake/ marathon mam.. Go on bitch! / non gay sailor/ optical gash/ toe nail junkie piping out Eric and the bunny men from his caboose window/ hullo do u like my beard; it's a fake but u wasn't to know that/ the ha ha wars/ younger than Jesus/ the pregnant press/ wooden octopuss/ my arse smells of vintage clothes/ bum crayons/ shabby pie shop in 1876 b

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