Thursday, 18 July 2013

Peacock Lament (Vintage Sega Games Made Him Smile)

'Peacock Lament (Vintage Sega Games Made Him Smile)'

'AM Portal'

calmer than a flag on a calm day / Sunshine rainbow club (FKA the relentless darkness of the coffin) / Uncle Bungle /new antique jelly – mouse organ  / chav with a mouth organ (outside bus depot)  /memorable magnets / visions of dirt / break-time beauties +  the man who assumed he was beautiful  /rash on your organ  /clinical pig / obese and yet skinny/the cat’s moustache/ she isn’t actually fat, she just has way too much flesh on her bones/ woke up cat cat tired / cat’s anorak / cowboy’s eyeball/what do men on buses have in their plastic carrier bags? / James and the Irish Devil / healthy goblin / the bronzed lady refused to eat  the chicken tikka bap on the grounds that it had been touched by a ‘devil’ / dupie tainted the local milk source with his dirty finger / she-devil in space/I turned on my monochrome TV set and waited for several hours to the static to clear.  When the images on the screen became fully visible I was astonished to see  Dog Jaw Woman acting alongside several of the finest actors working today (inc. Badday Jackson, Pipper Bogstock, Vince Gums and Terence Baldcock / fashionable Chinese teeth (fashionable Chinese gums)/ disco grammar / the day we left our children alone in hell/ after being superannuated, my grandpa decided to take up promiscuous sex as a way to fill his spare time / Roman ditty (aphids)   I feel sorry for people who don’t like jazz / alphabet teeth / was it you whom created this bizarre-looking creature?/Janice Heart was easily the most attractive woman in the prison.  The warden made a Xeroxed book of photos and poems as an ode to her (which she wasn’t supposed to do) / carefree fingers in 9th grade / Long-forgotten loop (eating a breakfast in 1998) / the day they committed Jesus Christ to the lunatic asylum /android gang of  Chinese shampoo 

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