Saturday, 20 July 2013

We Love Apples

'We Love Apples'

'Madam's Fear of the Night'

oink oink Pee Wee ..jazz 72-143  /they abandoned his coffin and went off to play Nintendo / beautiful bobcat / pie eye pie /arse burger / Paranoid corpse/ hold up your nose against (or to) the future and then stand back and let the wolf kids walk past (without disturbing their bowls of fruit) / inst 01 – stand still for several hours, then pinch your nose to avoid getting a whiff of the rotting corpses /wet teenager having their accelerator period / honey smells like  piss / Sooty is a pansy / occidental fart / animal sister (part rap)/ my six favourite country ‘n’ western groups- ‘Anthrax’, ‘Sepultura’, ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ (other 3 entries have been deleted by Chum Hum) / teenage steam / there is a primal scream in my brain (welcome to accelerator era) / flesh-coloured gypsy/ god  awful riot make me head ache (gorilla glue) / Sooty hands of chimney sweeper / lick your they taste of anthrax?/what is tuna made of? / fresh piss / nice bag of fresh pea juice / pub goblin / why does my husband wear panties?/why are babies so hairy? / Beast at the back of the stage / memories of children with square-shaped heads / monitoring the werewolf / kids at adult parties (serving cocktails) / farded werewolf /the fey fauna gang

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