Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Domino Bones / sending emssages to Yo la Tengo from outer-space / would you love to sit on Bleeding Tom Mills’ (AKA The Laughing Gob) knee and let him sing you a song what he wrote back in his student days (in Hull, UK) / before you enter the spaceship you should remember to coat yourself in duck fat and good olive oil / I stuck my thumb up Bleeding Tom Mills’ (AKA The Laughing Gob) anus and waited for the phone to ring to inform me it was ok to withdraw the aforementioned thumb (yelp sugar tits, yelp) / accidental death always makes you feel good / I’ve got to put my puppets back in their boxes and start behaving like a normal man / the day I took my sock puppets to work at the factory (did I actually expect them to do any real work?) / my father went missing for two and a half weeks. We eventually found him living in an abandoned Vauxhall Nova. He was unshaven and was cradling a copy of ‘Led Zeppelin III’ like it was a newborn baby / sometimes my eyebrows seem to have a life of their own(I don’t mean to look angry , kids) / pockets full of flesh / Led Zeppelin took my baby away (and they did a mighty fine job of converting her to the pleasures of ‘cock rock’) / vagina rock is ‘in’ momma / /organ in my mouth (mouth organ) / I shoved the biggest piece of pie into my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s gaping mouth (which was filmed by my ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend who used to go to college with my pregnant daughter) / there some bad guys in the Corvine Bar / you my kinda dingo / you can’t control my monkey /bottle o’ peacock juice and several slices of gone-off bread (I like it that way) /I took the girl’s left foot in my right hand and gently caressed it whilst whistling the theme tune to some long-forgotten TV cop show / rainbow pout / my oh my..that is one sexy albatross / I removed the android’s batteries and went back to bed (to hopefully continue dreaming about Maria Carlass..whoever she is) / this cannot be considered to be good hair weather (hair weather) / get ready for weather/these famous teeth of yours / he has finally shaved off that poor excuse for an orange beard/capital hill fog catchers / my mother taped over my ‘Fingertips Saint’ cassette with some static noise which she recorded from the de-tuned TV set / I threw the TV set out of my sister’s bedroom window / you can earn so much money ($) if you stay by my side / a disorder of fingers/Moon Census 2009 – ten fat bachelors; 3 greasy under-age children and 6 slim women / pissed on tomatoes/I found his missing teeth at the bottom of the sea/over the umbrella with the wet spirits /I found the merman’s missing teeth locked up in a small box which also contained a sodden David Bowie ‘Diamond Fish’ LP sleeve (what?) / the wives and daughters of Uncle Christy (pretty girl smoking a fag) / I want to see the sex show..(‘Irrelevant Battles’ and glued- on moustaches) / stung by a man who thought he was a wasp / have you ever tried peacock juice? / garlic death / smashed teeth (pretty girl waving a flag to indicate where the treasure should be buried / chief of teeth /chasm rag / sweet pony tear drops and all that other mother lovin’ stuff/wiped the teacher’s brow with the used climax rag//drinking sweet black milk with an Eastern Bloc Beauty

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