Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tom Mills King's Lynn (Variations on a Theme)

my ginger valentine / chubby teeth / sexiest pig in the district / sexiest pig / chubby value /my dad always insisted you get more value from a fat prostitute /  / wore your awkward trousers on the bus home / I turned down a date with the troll’s daughter / you’re not quite as sexy as the daughter of the Erl King/ made some soup from your husband’s bones / the day the gallery egg smashed onto the hard wood floor (and all the pretty boys were really upset) / sugar-coated nostrils / sexiest pig in the neighbourhood / neighbourhood erection /  shed full of skin / my mother had a really strong fondness for them sunshine demons (sugar demons)/ back in the pot hole with the foreign children/ Billy Jones (Ex-Seymour back to the  ghost cottage / shed of skin/ Bingo Crosby is  back in the TV / 80s mistake / skinny shed / ‘Mother’s Lonely Sugar Fist’ brings you brings you an accurate replication of the classic DIY sound of antiquity; namely, the sound of a young repressed male trying to sing badly while gagged in a neighbouring room. (Backed up by a random Television set packed in a wet cardboard box stuffed with cotton wool). / you can keep your memories of the sadcore concert (packed up in a wet cardboard box) / I found my lost child packed up in a wet cardboard box in the bottom of my ex-girlfriend’s attic/nothing brings me back to my childhood like the smell of dying farts - you can keep the following items:- plazma screen TV, Valadon Golf, leather gloves, fridge freezer..but I want the following item BACK:-my collection of rare orange cassettes / my dad claims he was once backed up by Television in USA night club

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