Wednesday, 17 July 2013

French Picture 1

'The Storm and the Scorpion

'Back Hander Memories

'Spartan Frump'

'Pic From Depths of Penitence E'

'Myth of Fash'

'Post Ice Cream Picture'

'Daft and the Hanging Gardens of Chi Chi'

'P** Tea in Hyde Park'

'Mo Cache'

'French Picture 1'
perfumed cadaver in the middle of the kitchen / Michael Jackson is the boy who loved pineapples / get off my face, Claudette / a concise history of ‘Bagpuss’ / swamp baby / / voyages to the island of sleeping birds / these birds are not asleep..they are dead / furry chops of musketeer / England is a dump, Hooey Shin is gorgeous / swamp dandy / the day my aunty landed on the moon / selfish beasts / fossilised hairbrush / dancing with gay astronauts/ welcome to the Before Life / lolly pop teeth vs. Mr Direction / Joy of life with the Beat Babies / we tried to encourage the record-buying public to steal our debut LP / Sniff Kandy’s new LP is titled ‘Bogus Sperms’ / daddy ain’t a fool when riding his horse to work / no such thing as a crab tree / concrete maths book – beauty inertia / big faced ugly children  / brought together by the apocalypse / I met you in my uncle’s dungeon (you were rifling through an old scrapbook) / gorgeous Cyclops / my dad the heavy-handed bachelor / dusty gums / beatified killer / her lips were so desirable that I insisted on kissing her once more / they would astound even a blind man /John’s new tooth / beatific killer / Elvis Presley still isn’t dead /   jerked on / Jamaican vacuum /  / memorable blister / witch’s toe / Spanish sandwich – here are my top three new favourite death metal groups..1. Anal Harvest 2. Dead Sailor Trio 3. the Weeping Corpse / trailer park smack / amazed by butcher shop technology / the evangelistic gas man / we painted the captain’s toe nails a beautiful shade of pink / dead rat in the igloo (she placed a custard cream biscuit between her toes) / cardboard coffin / Christ never learned to ride a bicycle / my mother just finished making love to a travelling deodorant salesman  /wizard’s black fingers / Gyellanhall’s lot / my spastic moustache / Fog 2 /  cricket blister / here we go, holding on tight to the ugly babies / furry chambers / bitter technology / shaved off a goat’s eyebrows /  group felch / tape worm parasite dove cycle (relics of ’83) / e-mailing Christ about the impending apocalypse /according to the Mayan calendar, the world will start in 2013-13 / capital spurt /  apocalyptic visionary (my uncle Stewart)/ freaking out on a sofa /the curse bid / horse in the cathedral / childish lipstick / Dudek’s curtains / pink laundry lips / Joseph Ramone taught me how to cut hair good (no, really) / chesty coffin / fat male stripper sitting in the sunshine

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