Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Prometheus 2 Script

'Prometheus 2 Script'

'Salt Flats on Acid - Ridley Scott's Tapeworm Nose'

'Crooked Baby - Ridley Scott is an American'


swearing at bricks / mortar gland / forgotten handbags litter the streets / careful with that necromancy kit / I insisted on coddled eggs for breakfast but all i got was some grapefruits / sex with buffalo/ .ticking fingers/ gorilla in a box / I found my aunty drifting through space on the Mogwai Pepper Ship / juicy holocaust / dinner with the lap diner / sexy beast dancing in street / plastic secret / secret boys in the attic / neighbouring nostrils / Cuthbert’s last bowl of soup tasted great  /I handed the prison doctor a nicely decorated hard boiled egg to thank him for fixing my toe nail / last week I was a girl, tonight i am the boy of your dreams (Tony Tootles) / that nice clean supermarket smile / 11 fish in my swimming pool / what made you shave off your beautiful moustaches? /John Coward meets the beautiful Jew who lives on the ground floor / block 7 babies / we built the world in 1987 – video ghost has chatted away for long enough / I adore your new plastic shoulders / trying to find my watch in the caldarium / the line-up for ‘Frump Festival 2009’ has just been announced..the headline band will be ‘The Pyramids’, but more importantly  ‘Caged Alice and the Mumbling Public Speakers’ are also playing / 3. taking tea with the Korean shaman / Vanishing Cassettes catalogue page 46:- ‘Dumb Filth’ by Crass Attic, ‘Dirty Foot Jazz’ by Traffic Crap’ / I decided to clean my teeth this morning / my eyeballs have been left on the side of the road/listening to ‘Free North Korea Radio’ broadcasts from the safe hole / sophomore Hoedown / lost corpse /that nice smooth feeling of having a cork stuck up your ass (Bjork’s 67th band) / amazing grace, I skinned your teeth /  soccer results are in :- Eritrea 0 North Korea o, Bangladesh 5 Poor Town 0 / sugar teeth/I clandestinely filmed the cannibals tucking into a corpse / rotten dreams and muddled pirates / this is the new one (pyromaniac sitting next to me on the bus) / / bastard’s glance at a half-eaten roast chicken dinner (in 1987) / I slung the corpse over my shoulder and headed off for Pipe World / I took my hat off and slipped into the blood bath / it’s about time we flooded the pizza house / go get drunk on wine and find your lost toe nails / underground fish / we waxed our moustaches and then went off for a bite to eat / calescent corpse / John picked his nose whilst contemplating the future of rare, but not mythical, beasts (such as the King Pig and the Land Shark) / reminds me of that plastic fruit machine which melted in the Great Fire of Basingstoke (1984) /  I am like the plastic fruit that got lost in the flood/ flooded at 4.44 am /my grandfather got his first computer on his 15th birthday (and he’ still got it) / in 1967 I received my first email. It read ‘would you like to see my dried meat collection?’ /  I dropped off my bag of cum and whet out for iced teas / blocked gorilla / I took my ‘The Paranoids’ cassettes and threw them out the window (in a fit of rage after being snubbed by the bass player at a party) 

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