Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eating Out

'Eating Out'

'Er... (AKA Spanish Heatwave Music)'

'The New Standard (AKA Supermarket Blues or Depressed in the Supermarket)'

The Red Blood of Diablo/
 ..and suddenly the village was descended upon by thousands of men in tracksuits with big earrings which made them look like sporty pirates / pig’s earring/all he left us with was an apocryphal report on the possibility of ‘Shadow Dogs’ actually existing / what the f*** is a steam-punk? (and why did you edit out my curse word? bastard!) /my debut novel includes, among its cast of characters, a cyborg set anachronistically in Victorian-era Egypt / crawling around the floor with a sunflower up my arse hole / butterfly crust / plate of tits / cake for the killer / sausages out.. ready for inspection / navigated your way out of the soap opera / dancing with Satan / I witnessed the birth of Modern Satan / crepuscule Harradine / it’s like being back in the Perfumed Triangle / grandpa’s wedding (trapped in the 1880s 90s – FS) / dusting the angel (for prints) / gutter dads – goose lament / heavy metal parish  – walking down the street with a bucket of teeth / Chris has 68 teeth. / scratchy donkey/ Old Scratch grew a fresh ‘tache  /the courgette orchestra / eyeball scooped back  /filthy climax /i was the first bum bandit to reach the moon / prettier than a pony wearing a pink cloak /  we kept going back to the readings of the Grand Gigolo / pickled echo / Astroturf on Mars /  polishing crops (to make ‘em look pretty for my future wife) / polished kidney stones / some men’s heads are bigger than their torsos / discussing vegan cooking with Remy Chuck (from The Salad and Chips Orchestra)  /The Fall from Chatsworth  / beautiful girls falling through trap doors/ Mexican waving at the skinny girls  / the so-called wonderful war / ancient gums / arrested bastard / Kid Olid and the tramps or vamps(?) / the fruity waltz  /hand-drawn picture of your former slave boy / saloon kitten / dirty clothes, clean flesh (is theism dead?) / murderer wearing a pink jersey / abandoned pullovers on the moon / smoking a potato at 6.15 am  / drum beat salad  /addicted to freedom / I married a former monster / Indian blister / caged echo / can I borrow your sperm onion please? ./ good nonsense makes me feel nice. / yeah sperm engine / street horse on the  pleasure rostrum

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