Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My life is a fucking moment, but your art is an eternity

'My life is a fucking moment, but your art is an eternity'

you tried to pour scorn on me but you accidentally poured onion gravy on me by mistake / something must have gone terribly awry if he doesn’t get his allotted amount of pussy  / I don’t eat meat, I just like it from time to time /shot down by Pegasus / grandpa’s fangs / /swollen units / the carefree whore / /Oswald Rivaldo and the loose girls of Ford factory / classic bruiser /  juicy sex horror story volume XXX /shopping for shoulder (we tickled the panther’s belly) / rubber Charlie / ten gallon Jackson / yeah no Jackson 6 /  Sid Chilli, con man in a  cardigan / wrapped head of dead man / crayon baby / the day they shaved their teeth  /My Princess Diana fantasy file book 03:- 1. Princess Di was my lover, friend and sister  / careful with that vile of deadly disease, son / T: mumbling Jesus /pansy in the snake pit / what to do with remaining teeth  / I shaved off my grandson’s beard / Roger, Dick and Nelly are not real names, Jack / Christmas men / gay fellowship / picked up a lesbian at Dusseldorf Choir Christmas concert /feet smell of onion bhaji /  Don Carlos and the African Jazz Astronauts / Blake Adams and the filthy lizards  – Moosewood Apple Woodcock / shake down the fraggle/ crippled astronauts / theatre of menace and hatred / hart attack on last train home / crippled lineage / luxury apocalypse / T: I am not from Bangkok / please enjoy your brand-new plastic Jesus / Slurpy Jesus back in town /swollen bones/ Amy Winehouse is not alive / yes sexy blonde woman, it’s a bum bath..hey hey / y’all come to my shack and eat some grits and have some orgy now /  I checked my pulse in Stockholm / stocky Jesus  - the musical / we found the Croesus flicking through a coffin brochure..he was focusing on the gold coffins..of course!! / kid of the Congo / Belgian Congo horror show on-lookers / Saturday night neeps / if Tom is reading this it means he has discovered that… (deleted / conventional bruiser / studying the death squad / shake down the fragile / cooking up some ‘great shit’ / cemetery shag / shagged before supper / jazz baby heat wave / birth of a stranger / stuck on a strange woman /Pop Larrikin and the deep-fried potatoes / shocked by the lack of good breath amongst my ancestors /   sports casual sex / severe lack of good breeding in Village of Damned / city centre  Hercules / missing teeth love triangle / greasy baby / booing gee the unbridled joy of casual sex /my boyfriend has a morbid fear of roller coasters / my boyfriend has a morbid fear of radiators /  Johnny Death-Ray and the Holocaust Puppets / I finger you in your dream / stems from a morbid fear of Der Sensenmann  / sexual inclination towards wellington boot / Once I saw him at the front of the stage with this naked old woman and he was shoving his Vaseline finger in and out of her backside to the rhythm of the music while ringing this bell at the same time/ paint my  human / hot eyeballs / / yes, I am a lunatic and I am going to marry your mother /  lunatic /TV Smith and the Lost Crows / why didn’t I switch the TV off? (why did I wait for my boyfriend to do it?) /  missing lovers 1 through 2 / elegant spastic / girl , you’re a better man than me / gentrification shy horse (in pub) / rainbow-coloured corpse made the children happy /miraculous comb-over / shedding skin in 1987 / I saw you coming with the shit slit / Christmas in Tupelo / I don’t need you anymore, so I made you get off the bike / I spent much of Tuesday inspecting the naked Japanese people in my sister’s back garden / performing BMX tricks on the moon / capital horn (shite web) / we knew for sure my boss had gone crazy when he attempted to communicate with a jar of pickles

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