Monday, 8 July 2013

The fall of Lucifer (Chapters 3-6) / guilty smile of the really bad child / Dutch colourisation / give me a go on that there tin whistle / whistling provocatively at passing Japanese women / 1. punk 2. punk 3. punk 4. fake family man / I crashed my Audi TT into a policeman’s fist / there is a distinct lack of gentlemen in space/ tiny little spacemen in my brain / African voice-over / talented little fist / the day my moustache dropped off/back bedroom treasure / pope on the glue / woke up with biscuit crumbs in my pussy hair/ I went on a date with the son of Jack the Ripper / ghostly nodule/ Saudi Arabian death metal / harvest of the fools/scurrying around Bethlehem with a bag of bagels in my left hand (and a sack of owl beaks in t’ other) / I hate people who wear their beards at jaunty angles /front bedroom, back entrance / empty pages –Ibis – South African hot list ./ carefree heart – on sleeve/we spent this weekend tripping on some mushrooms we found in a box behind the bust telegraph pole / hidden underneath some Smurfs / permanent kef / permanent Jeffrey / doom bag – American style) / pepper the hand-me-down goat / I hate dogs with crusty fur / onions in the graveyard / second-hand dogs / Pippa and me (and you) / Colonel Sander’s forgotten heart beat / no, he isn’t a disco queer..he is a disco queen (ST) / STD ledger/ kick out the bantlings / human fish (sugar finger)/from beyond the river they came..with satchels full of canned goods / greasy heat wave / I fell in love with a female hooligan / jazz breath/beautiful bad news / Boyla’s bag of tricks/neighbours in the sky (Sunday mash) / my only concern is where the next violent handshake is coming from / bean baby on the bus/I’m sitting on trains with men called ‘Valentine Warner’ and ‘Ted Chippingham’ / I have ‘0’ pals who are French or Iranian / Ted Chippingham was awoken by the firing of the starter’s pistil / starting to get pissed on the moon/nodules on a corpse/ my dirt-drained brain

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