Monday, 8 July 2013

summer time –you spewed up your casserole on my mother-in-law’s flower bed / I can’t come to the phone, I’m shaving my cat’s fur off / monsters with cash / turd flower (Moroccan chat room) / my grandma’s tapes included instructions on how to find the best silver / locating corpses on the moon / the last day of my girlfriend’s space adventure/furry ghost/I know my teeth are not what they sued to be / what on earth is one o’ them Yanks doing in my family unit / eternal spew / telephone book blues (AKA telephone directory blues) / there are approx. 148 people called ‘Blue Dave’ in the Connecticut phone directory / woke up in dry river dump / anguished grins of the demi-deceased/Mr Deacon has retuned to his original family (but this time sans horse) / in addition to floating above Spain, we will be shaving each other’s legs and armpits / sugar-foot is my pseudonym when in nite clubs/taking tea with the daimyo / the Revenge of Slash / the day we admitted that rock ‘n’ roll was the enemy/Hebrew carpet / 1995 – this was my year to sit on the carpet/inside the mind of a bachelor / forgotten soup of the mid-19th century / but pappy, this is a cardboard dog / me + Jesus grew up fat / the coconut channel / I often spend time dancing with gay animals/tooth paper bath – yes I wrote that with the blonde girl in mind / my funny bird that I keep on my lap at all times/chatting to a man claiming to be the son of Christ / starfish floating through the sky/silent movie star talking gibberish behind the curtain / silent love making with Hogg Robinson / the joy of riding a horse through some fields/forgotten moon dwellers / I knew it was a mistake to shave my lips (girls like guys with hairy lips) / my summer beard / slags in the garden / too many slags spoil the children’s party/the silent history of WW2 / WW2- damaged tooth cassette spool / I painted my girlfriend’s teeth to make them less appellant to the beach boys / discussing Japanese cinematic interpretations of Shakespeare with the 16 year old lad /cat got the presidency / got got my second-hand tongue /I am eating pulled pork with several prepubescent army cadets (cooked for us by the esteemed chef ‘Walter Hiss’ ) / king of the dead moustaches/ I spotted a rubescent-faced bachelor eating snack food/ / I didn’t hear the telephone ring as i was listening to Asian pop music on my headphones / please let me show you my scrapbook of wax crayon depictions of American people on the moon / rap your balls in a quilted sock / beast in the arm chair / are you my friend, Kid Kangaroo/atheist in the hot tub

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