Monday, 8 July 2013

Lucifer’s fingers/naked man with rat / Cuthbert’s fists/scat can / the day they stopped believing cats were gods / Hey, Fever! / 63:- Hey, Lucifer.. bring me your dead / coconut glow (coconut glue) / distant bitch/Italians don’t eat Spam / carefree blind spaceman/memories of a big bag of ex-Christian bones / fear of the underlings / /the day we realised the air conditioner would never be fixed / skull cracker/ everyone is eating pork chop at 8pm / original blurp / spit on a kitten (Pavement Jews) / Jew on the sidewalk/clucking Jesus / monkey cluck (FKA donkey cluck) / the man who carried a small ankle bone in his hand at all times / adult men with wooden teeth sitting in parks weeping into their pots of noodles / I was finally exposed to what was lurking behind the thick fog / I never did find out who stole my bible / the darkest side of Oz / I was not privy to the innermost secrets of the Lost City / we were not listening to Lone Parent’s fifth LP (titled ‘the man who took my screws away’) / android is the parent now / the kebab news/ nice people on trains/buttered wolf / buttery lips/how to conduct yourself in a war zone / ones comportment is not vital in middle of war zone/beggar’s pigs / lost rockers/nest of human babies / men of the European continent who live their lives tied to plastic boulders / French man pretending to be French./spent time alone with a jug full of spirits / cocktail of fools/snacking on the celebratory onions / kings of jazz death/the sky is a myth/odd nose job / slap your feet against the decaying wooden floor / gay in the afternoon / gay for today / you standing there with your chin all nice and naked / moon baby recital / technically alive/one more shabby donkey / a tide of chimpanzees/lung bucket / I never did join the vegan orchestra / filthy regrets/contacting demons on the telephone / Siamese people on the moon/ he prefers to be known as ‘Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah:- the Author of Mankind’ / sexy nightshade / a nightingale landed on my elf shoulder and a tiny monkey on the other / we showed photos of a gorilla to the new arrivals /essence of a dead dog / strawberry-coloured fish / ½ and ½ B+W - my life as a sewer baby / half real life, half some kind of sick fantasy /I keep a ball of fluff inside my space helmet / mankind was a big let down / salty opera / boogie from up above / Nipponese happening / I opened the book to find that 50% of the pages had been eloined/I poured some sugar onto my pony for good luck (deleted countenance) / Siamese ownership/my coffee-coloured bones seem out of place in this town / I advised my son to shed his boy-suit before joining up with the armed forces /I advised my nephew to abandon his mommas-boy persona before joining the armed forces / the toy boy who came for supper / she has a voice like a baby being fed to a lion / the horse was real but the ghost was a figment of your imagination / skeleton river blues / passion rag / dip my eyes in the sweet pie / huge endomorphic bloke in a tiny little bedroom

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