Thursday, 11 July 2013

K** Egypt 5th Cent.

'Gold Fly Surprise'

'Amazon - Ugoo 2'

'Admiration 1'

'K** - Egypt 5th Cent.'

the Chinese children were sitting in the field waiting for the scarecrow to give them directions to the nearest coffee shop / i found the Dr Who impersonator weeping into his long colourful scarf / 'Drago' is a fantastic name for a new-born Russian baby / i erroneously told Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) that my parents were Russian / i scraped some bacteria from the decaying fingers of Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) / it's hard to look cool when you're wearing your mum's skirt / Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) stayed up 'till 4.30am playing on-line computer games with teenaged Americans (come on kids, find a nice chair to sit on and do your school home-work)/ chapter 3 (a dried-out helminth on the bonnet of my illicit girlfrien's dad's automobile)- black and white Albania/Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) never learned to love the Chutney Ferret / spaceman in a dinner jacket / men called Malcolm are getting sexually excited by the imminent arrival of the Rubber Baby Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) / i sucked on the little finger of the crying super-model (Pink Atari) return of the missing but still greasy Grease Baby/Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) and the Camel Flower (Liverpudlian satanist) / comb my hair before giving Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) a lift to the Bob Centre (Ike Turner was a bad man, but good at playing the guitar and carryign off sharp, tight-fitting suits) / horse in the elevator (causing a fuss)/Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) detests computers because they keep him from his baby / i out-smarted the crafty little fox with the help and support of King's Lynn's self-confessed cleverest teenager (Chris Hardcourt) / shoved my thumb and forefinger into the gaping wound on Bleeding Tom Mills' (AKA The Laughing Gob) injured face 

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