Monday, 8 July 2013

'Those Curious Missing Coat Buttons'

'those curious missing coat buttons'

  my mind is full of car keys and empty salt and pepper pots /   those curious missing coat buttons / my name is Toad Hancock and I have don’t have a moustache (wake up in a whale) / sugar-coated tiddlers / the man who thought this face was a lampshade / porcelain whore / what is the moon looking at?/the sympathetic hammer/ Horse Boy and the Helicopter / chief of grinning corpses/and then I embraced most of the kids from the 1990s  /claw hammer in my satchel / ‘King of Filth Record’ release no. 456:- ‘Gay  Satchel’ by King Digestive’. / the sweat dripping from his face was an indication that he was not quite as relaxed as we first thought / Batman’s teeth are cleaner than yours / downstairs beard / potty-mouthed priest/ nearby eyes / put your feet up and tidy the kitchen / my my, what a world-class get=together that was, Satan /bullet-proof corduroy / John is a beast../ she tends to get nervous in the afternoon / mid-afternoon punk rockers / Satan’s claw-like fingers turned my wife on / tears of a Sinic (Baby Affleck Ben ) / Ben Affleck’s moustache is getting on my nerves /modern body /my grandfather’s latest paradigm got him laughed out of the conference hall /dead kitten orchestra / thumbing a lift with the killer/ bestiality is not my ‘thing’ Jacko /  music for the thirsty ear / little chimps in space/Tippex lips / booby on the moon/TV cheeks (ha Van ha) / ancient hand gesture / Chinese space ships / German offal / Christian bruiser/ wacky corpse/bent apocalypse / I never consort with travelling fish salesmen/string-bean demon/  death of the chimp / underground lovers/ sexual incision/over-rated baby /defunct glow-worm / we fired off a few rounds into the moon /donkey baby /  moon balloon (do I still have fat fingers?) / my immortal big  toe/met my lover in Canadian Wimpy / Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen cassettes left behind in a box on a train / which came from the mouth of Satan/holiday morning death / sometimes the sugar is too sweet/Polynesian yawn / yawning in the theatre/the main problem with the future is that it always ends up in the past / I’m looking forward to the future, proclaimed the newborn / sugar-coated anus / dash board fish /  damp teeth / K removed her fish neck hat/uglier than her / drink sloppy like Kinski / Igor Igor..keep repeating her name / here comes bag leg / you can have another try at finding me a new wife/greasy cobwebs on the dart board / hopeful smile of little pathetic woman/ uncontrollable happiness on train  /video sensation – good teeth, big smile / my kid brother has fallen in love with an Irish termagant / kinky plimsolls / Eileen Capes strongly resembles an albino ape in a zoo in Europe / handing out disco biscuits to the passing tourist / keep your fish away from my daughter/  I dream of an African horse/just before the deluge..the sunrise and the barking of worried beats / sometimes my feet are the wrong way around/4. the desperate bicycles / sometimes I just hold my nose up to the air and wait for the smell /my grandfather always conducted his orchestras with a chicken thigh bone  /the mess that Jacko the performing chimp made / file under ‘and’ / sagging bones / Jimmy Penguin’s secret feet/ African polar bears /pampered glands / I swapped my ‘Swans’ cassette for a vinyl copy of ‘Back to the Death Shed’ by ‘Eric Rope and the Burned Hands of Gym Class’  /sweet ‘n’ sweaty nipples/  Fu Manchu’s basic beard / hand-me-down Viking helmet / modelled on Fu Manchu’s exotic moustache / teacup lips- Blackpool / your country’s flag is really childish 

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