Monday, 8 July 2013

Nightmare Untapped

'The Abysmal History of Tom Thumb Mills (Kings Lynn)'

'Chicken in Manchester (The Stone Roses New LP 2015)'

'Three Bean Jesus / Sexual Fruits'

'Flavour Wire (Public Enemy X)'

'King's Lynn Beer Festival Midnight'

'Stewart Cliff Sutton Bridge (-)'

'Nightmare Untapped'

'Hookworm Europa'

'High Voltage Summer'

'Visions in of Prague'

'Lightly Salted Earth Prague CRe'

'Physical Gravy'

'Upper Denmark'

'Stewart Cliff Sutton Bridge'

I swapped my ‘Sex Pistols’ cassette for a big bag of dried snot which once belonged to Johnny ‘The Silver Rat’ Carson / Trevor’s biscuits (are more delicious than mine) /  golden emu piss/big ginger people from Sudan/Johnny Radical’s stubborn birth / modern cowboys /Caribbean teeth / picking the bones out of the love nest (me am i) /  I look forward to my big hair day / afraid of Johnny Wolf Boy/William’s goat/ babes of Fish Pond/the golden crawl /  cold hearted lover / hope is in the wire / turned off by Jimmy Hill’s bad breath / Jandek Live at the Norwich UEA is currently unavailable on cassette – and will be unavailable for at least the next 27 years (perhaps) / tonight we comb our hair / possum in the bungalow / hands-free jazz solo (look how he does it) / King Kong  line three Iggy Pop Blues / back with Iggy (check mate) / five handed clairvoyant (the five-fingered clairvoyant) / alphabetic teeth / snoring all the way through your child’s nativity play / rattling joy/we stroked the villager’s beard gently, as if we were stroking a fragile kitten / I love your breasts, but not as much as you delicate ear lobes/yes, I am Henry Panda from Dentist’s Hill / who are me?? / Jandek live at the Cambridge Junction ( a cassette I have never had in my collection) / I found an abandoned ‘Public Enemy’ cassette buried in my sister’s back yard / stagnating’ in the graveyard / Audrey still smells of paint after 5 weeks / left off the shit list/ graveyard teeth /six-fingered puppet theatre / no one wants to read your 654 page sci-fi novel, Jake /  flat-nosed girls turn me on  / he was possible the mot red-cheeked Englishman I have ever met (I nick-named him ‘Rubescent Ronald’..his name was actually Ronal Jacobson) / I kissed the hot feverish hand of the pansy / come out of the dungeon and eat your dinner/taste the charcoal, Penny Devil / one dollar devil (s) /no use crying over broken chicken bones / I smelt blood on my sister’s teeth  /  a policeman sleeps alone with a gun where his wife sued to be/lucky lesbians / year of the dead dog / diet of tribe / tribal fuzz  /rushing home to listen to my Murmur cassette / the murmuring Tom Mills (Bleeding Tom Mills has absolutely no social skills) / Bleeding Tom Mills lives his real life on a computer / time to paint my lips and go and pull a boy / Bleeding Tom Mills got married to hide his homosexuality / Barry Moore and Brian are fishing for net stockings / modern people on the moon / dirty bird flower/and they confiscated his bones/ golden ships of joy/boxing with my sister/ this is the box where she kept her drawings of Lee Harvey Oswald / I put my foot up the scholar’s ass and proceeded to weep into my old mother’s hanky / friends with crocodiles/ hedonistic children of Mars/they’re selling Rubber Children in Tesco now / the vulture had very bad breath/Colombian blow job / 2010- year of the cod/  I cut up some brisket and handed a small portion to the starving albatross / I found you alone and crying on Lusty Beg Island / ‘n’ is for the way I feel about you tonight / pleasurable throb / the lord placed his furry paw on top of my hoary haired head (I am referring to the Cat Lord, of course) / fidgeting Geoffrey/cabbage patch troll / new lips for skeleton / Victorian-era babe / Gordon’s revenge was a myth / I rejected the modern and went back to bed / getting up to some no good stuff with Indiana Smith / 2007 – what an odd year to be a man / walking around the day care centre handing out small effigies of George Bullard / I stopped the clock and sat down and ate some mouldy peaches/clamed out of bed and realised I had a rifle in my paw /  hot actor and the  leper’s day out

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