Monday, 8 July 2013

Spanish Gravy 3 (uh Huh)

'Coated in 000'

'Coat your face'

dread of a fetid ass-hole/ young kids must surrender to their Victorian-era fathers/ kitten’s fist / kick this malfunctioning android out - C X out / bed in breakfast / sleeping with the lad /  egg x vanished before our very eyes /  dear Jim:- I’m looking at the witches playing in the forest / damp trudge / I want my chin back / shower of babies / I hurt my finger whilst hammering nails into my baby doll’s coffin / the boy with a thousand chins / life with the lummox /underground bitches/ oral hex / offal ledger / offal valve French  fidget/ oral opportunity/ life without sugar / vulgar pussy/ cabbage troll/ dead arrival /business imp /gay re-entry /pleasurable incision/ sold sex /emerging dead shoulder / hamster on Mars / bland teeth  /blind teeth / French cheek/ dead cowboy (village edition) / blowback mountain (cream on my car- Emma) – gay in the schoolyard (villagers edition) / kept me a mental scrapbook in the caboose / external death/perfumed muscles /fat atlas / the shit I ate for my Christmas dinner/ I took my bird to see ‘Who Killed the Architect’ (a mystery) / life with Jesus / I love my baby but I do wish her fingers didn’t always smell of crisps (cheese and onion at that) / powdered buggery / Corn-fed devil  / Sinister grin of  Arch Deacon / got myself an ash tray baby / nobody want to read your six-fingered teenage poetry, David / the boy with the identical eyeballs / ‘The Shit Locker’ was ranked no. 436th in my own personal list of my bets movies of the week /  bubble stump /tights-fisted babies /best moment of my life number 67:- hearing The Dead Boys playing ‘I Need Lunch’ for the first time / the magnetic horse / simple-minded people on the moon/too much treasure (in my pocket) / king of the cringing babies / I stroked my cat whilst thinking about you / yes, i was with Jane..but I was thinking about Kin Phillip  /tied to the meat rope / Tony and grinning chimp (discount chimp) / cattle in the sand / remove your features/dressed for the graveyard / pony toes/best moment of my life number 68: - getting laid in Seychelles /  I traded in my ‘Anaemic Boyfriends’ cassette for a pound of cough candy and some torn-up  baseball cards from circa. 1988/I always cross my legs when watching ‘Rave Kitten’ on the TV /  King Dodd / my mother had a predilection for men in bad toupees / the apocryphal legend of the Sandy Daddy /devil got a hand-job / got me a Persian haircut / sinister fingers/ aroused by cat whistle (vinegar carousel) / Acetous taste of my lover’s finger tips / ok skinny demon, it’s time to leave that bastard under the ground  and come with us / /sixteen or seventeen little memories / gynophobe at the fashion shoot / my wife’s killer came straight out of a paperback murder mystery / my wife’s killer got straight to the point / what’s the point of knocking one another’s teeth out? / modern Billy goat/I got the supermarket blues.. I’m gonna get my rifle and shoot up my enemies / I’m in love with that schmuck over there (he is an idiot but he gives me cash and a meal a day) / Helvetian gentleman showing me around his clean home (is he gonna kill me I wonder?.. /pocket full of medicine / sinister teeth of childhood/  I knew my husband had been swimming as his feet stank of chlorine / Pee Wee’s bones / Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob is stopping off at the moral kiosk (repeat after me.. 'I am not going to grow up to be a bounty hunter’) / Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob has rickets (Asian wallflower)/ Moses and me / factory standard haircut / afraid of my roots / baby God (I never made you wait for honey) /Bleeding Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob has got the supermarket blues 

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