Monday, 8 July 2013

Eileen Capes Whaplode Sunday

'The Owl We Couldn't Forget'

'Eileen Capes Whaplode Sunday'

'Psychic Pretzel'

  God never made you wait for honey / smiling at cramped goats on the back of lorries /  Uxorious Bleeding Tom Mills (carrying shopping bags filled with crap) / Forgotten dog, man called Mick and Van Morrison (or is it Kevin Rowlands) all shout out in unison ‘I know Bleeding Tom Mills is under the thumb’ /(deep-fried triangle) deformed triangle / I know Bleeding Tom Mills is carrying a used carburettor in his orange shopping bag /  we tried to convince the David Bowie impersonator that Iggy Pop was the Biblical Meat King / Shrewsbury Tuesday (hot river sex)  /  frozen yogurt stall blues/screaming babushka at the foot of the mountain / tiny little shrew with the face of God / Chicken Pipe (inc. Chic Pea Pipe) Orchestra / there is an underlying evil to all Swiss gentlemen / afraid of the door knob/plastic fingers (melt in the sun) / funeral jazz / hypocritical bones / pre-wired blackbirds / Christian Beaver / promising Hebrew / Hebrew the cat / bellicose babies /I saved some of that  sugar which fell form the sky last weekend / Uncle Beelzebub / beach coma / I dug and dug ‘till I uncovered the bones of the sentimentalist / murdered by furniture / sentimental British women being thrown overboard / junk shop teeth / the junk shop owner tried to sell me a set of teeth that he claimed were once owned by Phillip K Dick / ‘Hiding Behind Me’ but Laurence Shorthorse is my 875th favourite song (II wipe my eyes clean of the gunk that has been festering throughout the long weekend) / Jewish people inside igloos / Baby Bleeding Tom Mills is the teething Arab  /Nintendo Jones and Bleeding Tom Mills discussing the future of the straihgt0talking, disco-killing, meat-packing Laughing Gob (Meat Addicts) / Noel Edmond’s incredibly juicy front paws / Jeremy Paxman’s filthy front paws left  a horrible stain on my nana’s kitchen curtains / John Paul Baker writes utter crap for the ‘Peterborough Evening News’ (handing out free ‘Mr Bungle’ cassettes to the under-privileged Croatian kids / John Paul Baker went to Croatia to attend the launch of the brand-new ‘Mr Bungle’ cassette album (steamed livelihood) /  Bleeding Tom Mills vying with other lads for the attentions of the beautiful butcher’s daughter (who might be named Lucinda Jones) / Bleeding Tom Mills hates computers but love butcher’s daughters / those summer teeth/helicopter teeth / supper time soldier/ intermittent holler of the dying torture victim / we are French, we wear  very colourful and pretty trousers/crushed obstacle (was lobster supper) / was it wrong to chew the fat over supper? / fell in love with the most stubborn machine

'You Like Me (in My Latest Visage)'

'DW Perfumed Twerk (Tom Mills Kings Lynn)'

'Kat Attac'

'Domestic Bliss / Pound Land Destroys Your Soul'


'Three-Sided Love'

'Perpetually Slumming'

'The Main Reason I Soiled the Sheets Was'

'The Unflinching Finger'

'The Perpetual Grind in Three Degrees'

'I Chloroform TH Future'

'Lobster Substitute'


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