Monday, 8 July 2013

Bacary Sanga in Cheap Shop

'Unhinged Gold (None) Tom Mills King's Lynn Norfolk'

'Bacary Sanga in Cheap Shop'

'Crabs with Everything'

'Poco of the Year'

'Vizzard Drawing 1.6..7'

'I Play Soccer for the Brazilian National Team and here is my proof'

'A Handfull of Ghost Balls'

'G: Rave Yard'

'The Ha Ha Web'

'Post E Come-Down 13'

'Flatulent in King's Lynn (Pancake tribute)'

Honorary Rambo /  my brother shied away from the tag of the ‘Jewish Elvis’ / so said Johnny Diamond when scraping dried blood off the bedroom wall/Raekwon and me (shooting the heads off of shop floor dummies) / be-headed baby / sometimes my feet itch at breakfast time / I caught my German tutor chewing on a piece of plastic rope / I’ve always had what could be described as a toady arse / hollow gypsy/spent a night on Bald Mountain (listening to blank cassettes) / Ferris wheel beauties / my dad’s latest party trick is to drink vinegar straight outta the bottle/  luxury gods/ you can’t bottle Elvis (monkey looking down on the world from his tower in the sky) / Elvis Presley was a  (repeat this until your blood goes stale) / I am not a bear but I have the right to bear arms / clockwork puddle /Labrador jazz / I twisted my handkerchief whilst furiously blinking my left eye (new bed-time rituals) / I tried to act sophisticated when being shown around the slaughter house / pink mud /  jazz standards being played by naked oiled-up brunette ex-supermodels / fish finger for my new son / poor-man’s clockwork donkey/the soup song / Victorian Elvis was revolting/  I cleaned my teeth before being shown around the waxwork dummy museum / my mother insisted I had one last e before going home / summer time string bean festival of life and death / busted triangle (the bastard triangle) / peacock slurp / Charlie ‘Mildew’ Mouldstein and the Dead Bubble of Hope / gay people have pink brains, Chinese people have yellow brains / sometimes those ashen-faced dwarves really excite my libido / slump down in the corner with the peacock (or a man dressed as a peacock) / put on my fanny pack and loaded it with cold cuts and vials of ether/mouldy rabbit / the day Yoko Ono borrowed my john / Yoko Onion and the heartfelt pleas / Korean teeth / no use tying things to the end of other things/the last day of the week-long funeral was a blessed relief(do u know what I mean) / daydreamers (bag of cabbage) / morning lioness and fox/he failed to feed the animals as he was watching the Chart Show / distant piss/French teeth and the worst slash best / hag wagon / smacked mouth blues (cup full of lukewarm tea which I made about 37 mins ago) / English teeth + crooked noses/I helped you cellotape your face back on/ kids with armpits/2. Wolf Boy and the Architect / dusty-feets of travelling man/boil-in-the-bag body / always off the bone, sister –in-law /stranded bastard / men who live inside other men’s dreams / scribbled my assumed name into the back of the witch doctor’s note book / Charlie McGraw grew to be a beautiful baby / my baby father (seismic chicken)/plump bastard plonked himself down on my girlfriend’s lap / lap-dog dandy (part-cooked sausage) / flabby proboscis of dirty hag / it took me over an hour to find my baby / why don’t you come on down here and tickle my genitals / I have always loved seal cake 

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