Monday, 8 July 2013

I tore the glass eyeballs from the teddy bear in a fit of apoplexy, and chucked them in the nearest waste disposal unit / Jung on the lamb / porcine imprisonment / Carlos Tevez and the muck puppies / slack boquaite / mother always said I would grown up to be a proper slag/attendance to the rave is mandatory for all unicorns..please spread the word / I used my foreign girlfriend’s toothbrush and then went and bought a fresh pair of sneakers /picnic skin / munching on that flesh what dropped off the tree an hour or so ago / I combed my hair so as to look less German / RG- Fat boy and the cripple / watching Spanish films with the sound turned to ‘zero’ (effectively mute) / college pie / but momma, don’t you realise the world is teeming with dirty bugs and insipid beasts /Simon E, meet Simon F /I washed my feet in the acidic rains / I washed my teeth in the rain / I don’t need a Walkman to hear music in my brain (I am currently listening to a rave remix of Mozart’s fifth symphony or something) / call of the placid (PJ Harvey's shiny red teeth)/post-Düsseldorf pinch./met Aaron Director in an underground chamber somewhere in Eastern Europe / continental blindness/fragrant (yes, fragrant) ghost / mould grew on the corpse’s teeth so we cleaned it off with Charlie’s spare toothbrush / took a puff of my daddy’s delightful hash pipe / I tried, in vain, to buy some hashish on Christmas day / say bye bye to your filthy cat / Pipkin’s double-edged army / jail baby / king of finger/confabulating with men who used to live on the moon / the Diamond Boys came back to earth with haircuts in their eyes / swollen finger of hand job administrator / I put my foot in my glove to amuse the school children (whilst I waited for the relief teacher to turn up) / Scottish teeth / I wanted to see the jelly / I went off to the dog tracks with a pound of sausage and a couple of used two dollar bills / pernicious young kids outside in the rain and hail./the sweating hands of the man ./ you’re a nice little monkey, aren’t you / this train has one too many antelopes on it for my liking (boyhood maps) / a man who walks through Hyde Park wearing a cheap plastic carry-0all bag on his head / men who resemble sheep are sitting in my kitchen with my step-dad/sharing a cell with a man who is curiously known as Elizabeth / look at that baby, pointing at the filthy skyline/I may make love to one or two of your most heavy-set daughters (I will see how I feel later) / dreaming of childish pie./we welcome the the Doberman’s children / king of blisters! ? / hospitalised octopus / coughing up some kind of vicious syrup / Sonic the Hedgehog gets a nose job / I don’t want to destroy you, I just want to rip off your flesh and feed it to my little starving donkey / 80s haircut for sale/help me kill this baddy, mummy / as far as I am concerned, the past and the present are identical /life of a flag maker / the species that forgot to actually exist (come back to me, Sweet Babba) / maths potato / chubby copper/that is one juicy peacock, momma / momma’s incredibly fat fingers/wore me a dead man’s suit to breakfast / sometimes my fingers feel like they are growing /cinematic onions /modern society is full of rejected dogs / under the ground with the criminals and bastards / squabbling over the leftover pork /chicken grinding with other chickens

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