Monday, 8 July 2013

fried 90s or friend of the 90s – frogs in the alleyway (let your mind be free, son) / flowers on the moon / dirty breath of 80s TV sports show presenter/ Ernest in the fog patch / salad rat / Elizabethan sunshine / Victorian fingernails / taking advice from the boy with apple sauce all over his fingers / he took off his sailor hat to reveal a beautifully shaved head with a small tattoo of a bird on top of it / inspired by the Whitney Ten Dissenters / I placed a tea towel over the corpses’ face so as not to disturb the little children / Alice Graft just told me she is in possession of the keys to the kitchen / memory blinded by secret puncheon/ hopping about on the moon / I normally keep my head in a reusable shopping bag/ / black-listed teeth / black-listed children / I erased all memories of the sweet shop from hell/ German men in very cold swimming pools/my new Egyptian boyfriend left his greasy sneakers in my mother’s front living room / I now have cat spittle all over my tennis elbow / Egyptian bliss (there aren’t enough cats on the moon, are there) / sometimes my hand feels like it is gonna melt / lobotomy juices / sometimes you just have to defecate on some ancient manuscripts / Manchester Untied scripts / the day I wet my jimmy-jams (a age of 43) / pieces of time/ the Australian biscuit eating club/plastic birds live on the Christmas tree/ 1980 was a pretty good year for Christian sconce (why??..i do not know)// why do kids insist on eating wax crayons? / fit for consumption (wax crayon buffet) / ghost of a dog / carefee beans / my life as a Bean baby (read all about it, just in time for Christmas) / a skull and a broom (alternatively.. a nice fresh brew and a dog-eared copy of ‘Mixmag’ from September 2001) / I love looking at girls from my vantage point in the sky (which is from a bloody large and tall tree) / loser with a tattoo of a lady with her tits on show / flicking through a dog-eared copy of ‘Mixmag’ on the last train home to Keith Town / boys from the pantry / my name is not Tom – I am not Tom (bread sandwich) / graveyard blues / bitten on the keister by a rabid rabid dog (fake teeth not required- we will be eating mashed foods only today) / that last French spoken word part was not your strongest, dad../dad’s onions / I am not required to shade my face from the pseudo sun/collecting germs from a monkey / collecting gems from a monkey / I stole your moustache and handed it to the monkey (who could not grow a moustache of his own) / contemporary eggs/hang up your shirt, was your hands and come to bed and watch me read a book about astronautics /incoherent corpse / they put a blanket over the moon/ I killed the frog because he was just too sexy + green / it’s nonsense to think that just because I have frozen teeth, I am not attractive / contemporary history of burnt effigies of saints/don’t you know I’m not who you think I am? – I spent some time talking about football with the coloured guys from the speakeasy / Rose is a fine name, so long as you are a beautiful + rubescent girl / picnic skin / cigarettes on the table (too many cigarettes) / liquids flow to the sea / I never came to love your orange moustache / black beard jungle. / I don’t like to look at men with tiny lips/colourful girlfriend / bad guys on the good ships (ah yes) /mist-filled eyes (Point Judith) – I never loved you and I never will

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