Monday, 8 July 2013

Bleeding Tom Mills recorded over his ‘Crispy Ambulance’ cassettes with static Big Bang noise / Bleeding Tom Mills has a small effigy of Jay Spearing’ proudly on display in his master bedroom / eerie loudness/ I only worship dead elephants these days / red eyes in hell / fishing with my nanny / we stumbled upon a sealed coffin, which might or might not contain the cadaver of Henry James / blinking ‘n’ twitchin’ corpse / my father’s paintings were best viewed from the perspective of a dying humanoid /so, can turtles grow beards? / one more nail in the coffin and then we will go on home.. phone up momma and tell her to fix us some mojito cocktails / Lindsey Skinny daydreaming demon made me my favourite sandwich / the return of the knee-cap king / talking to murdered moon boys / Ghost Bastards 2 / romancing the ghost / someone else’s thumb prints on my eyelids / damaged thumb prints / fake buffalo grip / men who stand around admiring photos of buffalo on the bar wall / writing poetry inspired by the Crow Ghost / ghost of crow (written circa 1968) / I write most of my best tunes whilst standing inside a circle / put down your erotic fish / disco tiles are not as shiny as they used to be / 2006 – green fingered old man in shed / stuck insect / deformed cowboy riding a really beautiful horse/father in the fish tank /Scottish people are so ugly / archived bones/ Johnny Depp is a fish / Scottish weirdoes / my dad is a biscuit king (?) / childish priest / gotta grow me a brand new beard/I’ve always wanted my own e-boy / vol. 3 – music from the belly of the filthy machine / I reject output from dirt machine (AKA filth machine)/ tiger tears in disturbed river / I am vanishing act 3 / I am the first to admit that my new girlfriend is as grim as hell / the day she took her plastic feet off/kiss the big ugly shark / this time say ‘I want to be free’ with a bit more conviction / intercepted lips / gave the OAPs a sermon on ‘the history of bass culture 1980-1983’ / cake eaters will get fatter/peanut collider/ fur-lined bones/I was able to obtain all of the magic potion ingredient, with the exception of the dig’s toe nails / secret slapper/ Uncle Mary borrowed my bogeys / took time off from killing sheep / the day Little Mike caught the funambulist / fallen stars in my back -pack / warmed my hands on the baby’s breath / sexy plimsolls / abstaining from tuna for 3 weeks/ honestly, I AM a spaceman/ the time it took me to remove the bones from the chicken / round the back with the robots/ kettle full of dreams/the soup song / exquisite corpses / turn off the light and take off your bra and stroke or panties / god is crippled/sidewalk scoundrels. This planet is curiously devoid of humanoids/Tokyo Joseph has never actually been to Japan / sugar-coated nipples of my ex-girlfriend’s sister-in-law / all the dying humanoids holding hands and reciting ancient poems/Cassette Exchange Group 14/03/99 – I swapped my cassette copy of ‘Glorious Female’ by ‘Dick Rough and the Pace-setters’ for a cassette copy of ‘Grinding Toes’ by Toe Grinder

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