Monday, 8 July 2013

Happy Halloween

'Paradise? Under Sensible Sky - Your're Whistling, Empty Teeth'

'Five, Champion of the Storm'

'Phallus Dei?'

'IV -  Dementia Log'

'Internet Birds Fruit Smile'

'Was Christ Female?'

'Packer's Laugh - Hand Job 5'

'Sunshine tastes orange - rave memoirs triumphant roar - oo'

'Youngest captain ever - x gang soup - energetic walrus / tyre shop is empty'

'Happy Halloween (SR)'

'Pessimistic Morning'
    land of revolving chimps / I spotted a chimp staring longingly at the big clock /I can see loads of them crappy zombies from my bathroom window / making love to September 2011 victim’s sisters on a chilly Christmas eve /  they have got chimps working in the canteen now, grandfather / grandfather is busy melting down plastic models of the New Christ ™ // Sticky Richards / list of girls I fancied before they became ugly / we rushed down to the train wreck with our sketch pads and coloured pencils / wax crayon portrait of a dead butcher / not enough pretty girls on the moon / yes, my wife is very unattractive, but she is good at /what do my feet taste like post-gym? / crayon-faced baby (the title of Shadow Winston’s sophomore LP is ‘The Day I Learned to Love my Man-Boobs (and so did my boyfriend)’ /  jeep baby/ crayon fingers/sexy implants / I filled my back-pack with scarecrow bones and money which tasted like candy / she drew a face on the boy with no countenance, using felt tips, crayon and egg yolks / my anus mirablis finished with the destruction of all of my top 10 enemies. .yes!! / perfumed dream man / my new boyfriend’s son reminds me of the Eraserhead baby / limbless little boys floating around in a fish tank (from which the fish have been removed) / it most certainly was my intention to call Madonna a slag / I sat waiting for my baby to die whilst reading pages 45-50 of the New Testament / listening to Frankie Teardrop with one hand around my girlfriend’s throat and the other hand mixing up the medicine / giraffe makes good eating /eatin’ my dinner backwards / she took off her bandage to reveal a tiny cavity with a small animated green woodpecker in it /make believe baby / secondary coma /  you queens excite very easily, don’t you? / dead sparrow resting on my computer keyboard /  I pitched my wig-wam in the middle of Times Square, NYC  /Dirty burger – new ways of eating old food items / men wearing other men’s pants/  the day they took their hats off(to reveal freshly-shaved caputs)/we are the boys with no depressions on our faces /  forgot to… (Alternatives to valium) / Georgie Porgy, screwed the girls and made them cry (out for more) / fat-fingered kestrel / we’ve all spent time living in a  glorious shit-hole / that rat-faced Asian guy who turned into a fly /I heard a rumour that Bob Dylan was a horse/ work-shy horse (from the back) / I still can recall the odd feeling of stepping onto the capitose surface of the planet for the first time / keep my hands in my dog’s pockets /   a plastic face mask hid the cocaine addict-damaged nose / I took off my plastic mask to reveal; the handsome face of a 45-year old bachelor/Victorian gums – Norwegian Hancock / I stopped myself from touching the wet cement coating before it had a chance to dry / I always sleep with a dismembered crow’s foot under my pillow / Wolf Boy was not the  man I thought he was/ my new band is called ‘Fish Kit’ and our debut LP is titled ‘I am the son of a Jewish cry-baby’ / too modern for 1977 / jazz hand claps (Puff Ball Winston vs the endless boogie) / paper machie-headed German-Irish people turn me on / The Bookworm Sprouts /catchment area dogs/   dead ghosts / chuck it all in (subversive lament) / the day they greased the crucifix / I spent most of the morning smiling at the moon-faced new kid (to make him feel welcome) / senior baby / we made a long list of all the food we would like to eat before reaching the age of 12 / beard womaniser / Eric the bean-eating dandy has moved in next-door 

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